Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a passion for traveling

Traveling is my passion. Thankfully, my first job gave me the opportunity to travel to places I haven't been to in the Philippines. Being the head writer of Travel Plus magazine opened my eyes to budget traveling. Yes, budget traveling can indeed be done without sacrificing your travel experience. But since my current job doesn't get me to go anywhere except the bathroom, the ground floor, and the surrounding areas around Salcedo Village, I could only just stare in envy at travel blogs and reminisce the good ole days when I was the one writing my experiences. I realized how special being a travel writer was until 2 months after I left the publishing world. Like a drug, I keep looking for it and by the day I get obsessed in wishful thought that I could do that all over again.

Anyway here are some recommended sites for aspiring travelers out there. The best I've seen so far today (I still got 8 hours to spare) are these websites:

Ivan Henares' travel blog
Seriously I envy the dude. He's been EVERYWHERE! His site doesn't only provide mouth-watering pictures of the places he's been to. Ivan has also included information for travelers like 2010 holidays so you could book your travels in advance, vaccinations, cheap lodging in those places, and how to get there. It's a great site especially for the OC travelers who need to have everything straightened out before leaving. Great site to visit everyday and not get tired of it. Traveling is like education, it's a constant that you keep reviewing details because you will never get it right the first time! :)

And since I'm a frustrated photographer, Ivan's photos are just to DIE FOR!! Ivan if you could read this please man! You gotta teach me some of your neat tricks! I promise I won't leak them!!! :)

Anton Diaz
It's not as thorough as Ivan's but it's still a site worthy of a quick read. Anton, like Ivan, has a great passion for the great outdoors. As of this writing Ivan has just left my province of Cagayan Valley and is now on his way to Pagupud. I'm soooo green with envy! What's nice about Anton's blog is it also offers theater schedules, and food and hotel reviews. So for those looking for alternatives, Anton's blog is a must-visit.

Old Manila Walks
This isn't a blog site. But for those who would want to get to know their city better, here's a chance to do it, while walking. For those who hate walking, here's one reason why to LOVE IT! The walking city tour is great. And Ivan and Anson have tricks up their sleeves for those who sign up and take their tours. My mom and I are about to embark on a walking tour of Binondo on Chinese New Year, and I am sooo thrilled. It's a chance to get to take photos of Binondo (a place I haven't visited), taste more Chinese food (although I've done that before with my ROTC officers), walk with Mom, and of course get to know another side of Manila.

Ivan and Anson...we'll be coming for yah soon!! :)

Walk This Way

Probably the most popular walking tour in Manila, Carlos has been dubbed as the "Pied Piper" of Manila. And why wouldn't he be called that? When the man walks a whole crowd follows. Where to? Around Manila! :) Visiting Carlos' blog offers a wide array of information on HISTORY! As a history freak (yes, I can be a history freak. When I was in high school in St. Scho Manila I remember ace-ing a test in history! geek much?) I love reading up on historical stuff. It would be even better if it were put in a totally fun way! So if you're up to a lot of walking, look up Carlos' schedules and be prepared for fun!

Other things in Carlos' site are for art junkies, foodies, and photography enthusiasts!!

Hope you travel freaks enjoy looking at these sites. It will make you envious of their capability to travel. Don't get depressed though, just keep in mind that one day you will be able to do JUST THAT!! :)

I am now sooo ready for more traveling. Can someone please give me money and TIME! :p


  1. mahimahi, (hmm..let me pronunce this as mai-mai, instead!) welcome to the blogging world...inggit ako may direksyon at informative ang mga sinusulat mo! sakin ang gulo! shyet! kailangan ko nang mag-ayos sa pagsulat!:D hehe

  2. comment uli! coincidentally, i was browsing through these 3 sites just yesterday! hehehe

  3. thanks nya! u are my first comment-er! :) and i feel honored na meron na (sa wakas)!! hahaha

    keep blogging nya! masaya! de-stressor to the highest level!! :) i'm gonna keep myself updated on yours!! :D


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