Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Art of Being Let Down

I haven't written in a while. Looks like projects have started piling in. And since it's still just the 3 of us (minus the senior creative writer), whoever has lighter load gets to have more projects. The past couple of days have been spent writing copy and scripts! So not much time to blog.

But anyway, here's the real reason why I was really itching to blog. It all started last night when my Mom showed me this ad on Shih Tzu puppies. I've been begging and begging my Mom for us to buy a puppy. I love animals and I really get frustrated (and inggit) with my friends who have dogs. Amanda has 4 dogs - a lhasa apso, a shih tzu, a mini pincher, and a jack russell terrier - in their apartment and Trency has her beagle.

I've helped them walk their pets because obviously I don't have my own pet to walk. And so last night when Mom showed me the ad she told me to call the owner and ask about the shots and the deworm and all the works. So I thought "oh wow! finally I get to have my pet!" I looked for several more "cheap" dog sellers, and sort of in a way Mom was supportive. I even suggested a beagle, but she said that shih tzus are cuter because they're furry.

So I got home and told her about the find. I contacted this dog owner who still had some puppies left. I told Mom, but got depressed. She suddenly unloaded on me "stuff I should think of". She tells me about where the dog will stay in the house, I told her I could buy a cage so she could still walk around without having to be tied. She asked about dog food, medications, the vet, and all that. But she didn't tell me that before I got all excited. I just fell so let down. I just feel like I was finally gonna get my dog. I've already thought of a name. I wanted to name he puppy Chowder if it were a boy, or Mars for a girl. I imagined having a doggy day with Amanda and Trency at Boni High Street, us having coffee while the dogs lounged side by side.

Right now, I still feel sooo bad. I don't want to think about the dog anymore. Maybe I won't have a dog at all. :(

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