Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do You Want To Be A Rockstar?

If the answer to that question is a resounding, reverberating YES, then I suggest you go eat at Heaven and Eggs.

It's not my first time to eat there, I remember about 2 years ago after having a super duper early morning Labor Day shoot with Arnold Clavio at the GMA studios, me, Jermaine, and Kuya Daki (that's Dakila Angeles for you), got so hungry. Since it was Labor Day, most of the restaurants near our Pasong Tamo Ext. office was closed, so we went to Glorietta where we knew we had a higher chance of getting something to eat. But since it was still too early, the mall was still closed.

But just when we thought everything was completely lost, amidst our hazy stares from food deprivation, we saw our oasis, HEAVEN AND EGGS. I remember eating good pancakes here, and really good brewed coffee.

When we ate there, it had this fairy-tale-ish set-up. It was so pretty, with it's light-colored interiors and swings for chairs, it looked really enticing. It seemed like when you ate there, you'd also feel good and feel like a kid all over again. Pictures of the old Heaven and Eggs resto were taken from Anton Diaz's Heaven and Eggs blog.

Fast forward to 2010, Heaven and Eggs isn't exactly the heavenly looking restaurant it used to be. It now has dark interiors, dark furniture, and pictures of past and present rockstars. They now show concerts of rock and roll artists. Gone are the light-colored interiors and swings.

This would be my Mother trying to comprehend the surroundings. I told her about this restaurant's old look.

I found this uber kaduper cool though. They used drum cymbals as ceiling decorations, it was so funky I just had to take a picture of it. It was like the ceiling centerpiece. Totally rockin' it!! :)

Food-wise, Heaven and Eggs didn't disappoint. Thankfully what Mom and I ordered was good, because it's a bit pricey. Mom loves meat that's stuck to the bone. She says it's really malasa, so she loved this ribs specialty. When I tasted it, it was good. The flavor would really explode in your mouth. I'm not much into sauce, for me it makes you feel full much faster. The heavy sauce in this ribs platter is not something I enjoyed.

This is what I had - Angus Beef Tapa. Unlike Mom's food which was dripping in sauce, this was a bit dry to my taste. Thankfully, the beef tapa was tender, easy to chew on and swallow. I loved the eggs, not too salty! Oh, and the garlic rice sorta sucked for me. It was literally GARLIC RICE, it had as much garlic, maybe even more, as it had rice grains. I had to keep separating the garlic so it was a bit of a hassle. Mom loved the garlic so she seemed to enjoy my segregation process.

It's a actually a good place to eat, although it's not something I'd really go back to. It's no LU or Tong Yang, but if you want to add a twist to your food, and perhaps have breakfast at 9pm, then Heaven and Eggs is right for you.

Look for Heaven and Eggs at Glorietta 4. When you come from Bread Talk and Krispy Kreme, go right outside and turn left immediately upon exiting. You wont' miss it, it's the dark void right beside the Bread Talk store. For inquiries or reservations, call 818-2792.

They also have another branch at Eastwood City Walk. Call them up at 912-1172.

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