Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Group Raids Shabu-Shabu

I got a call last Tuesday, a usual call from the girl friends, to have dinner and have a drink. It was supposed to be at LU, unfortunately they were packed that night and we were forced to spontaneously think of a new place to eat in. Then came the idea of going to a shabu-shabu. It wasn't my first time to try shabu-shabu, I remember eating in a similar place in Glorietta eons ago. I wasn't a big fan of it though, so I begrudgingly got in my car and drove to Tong Yang in Jupiter.

Like I said, I'm on a constant diet, but forget it when you're in Tong Yang! Seriously, the damned place is an endless purveyor of anything edible! Definitely a place for one with a bottomless pit of a stomach.

The funny thing was none of us really knew how to cook. Trency, doesn't cook. Amanda pretends to know how, and well Mike, I don't know! But me, I DON'T COOK! So when we started rummaging around the stove and grill, we didn't even know if our food was cooked. In the beginning, it was either we ate it semi-raw or super cooked to uber blackness and hardness. We even forgot to spread butter on the grill so the meat wouldn't stick.

But hey! We got the hang of it after several failed attempts of eating sashimi instead of grilled meat.

This would be our gigantic cauldron of chicken soup, noodles, and other meaty stuff. I remember eating fish and squid balls from this hot pot. The noodles, I wasn't a big fan of. It tasted like plastic, so I stopped eating it after the first serving. But the chicken broth was good! And the other meaty goodness they decided to cook in there was better!

Anybody who would come to Tong Yang must have incisors as big as a T-Rex's. This was meat heaven! Trency, loves her meat, and that night she just couldn't get enough of the thin slices of meat. We were all done, but she still stood up and got a heap more of it. We even had to take a breather and get some of the food down by going outside and have a date with the cowboy dudes in Marlboro country. Amazingly, Trency still had space to wolf down another batch from the meat section (seen below)!

Sky's the limit in this resto I tell yah! They also had a dessert station and dimsum station (picture below). The drinks are refillable, and you can have as many drinks as you can - from juice, to iced tea, hot tea, and beer. Too bad they only served draft beer, so I wasn't able to dink! :( After eating tons and tons of meat, we feasted on ice cream to rejuvenate our nerves which I believe were about to bug down from the oil and cholesterol.

If you guys decide on eating at Tong Yang, I say go for the meal with the grill. It's P580 with the grill, and P565 without the grill. So for a P15 difference, I totally recommend going for the grill and have as much meat as your bodies could take. It's not as expensive as you think, because there are other things you could try in the place.

Try Tong Yang and you will not be sorry. It's actually cool to cook your own meal. Since I don't cook, it was a joy to be Martha Stewart-ish even just for a night. :) Although I have to admit I didn't really feel well the next day. Must be the hardened oil in my system haha! But whatever, I'd do Tong Yang again if I have to! :D

Tong Yang has several branches - Megamall, Pan Pacific, and Quezon Avenue. But we ate at the Jupiter branch, here's the address and phone number.
Tong Yang Jupiter
34, Jupiter cor. Planet St. (near EDSA), Bel-Air, Makati City
For reservations call: 899-3388

Oh and this just has to be said that this adventure would have been great HAD it been chosen for the reason that we would enjoy it as a group and nothing else. It was just sad that this place was picked because it was the favorite place of the boyfriend. Although admittedly we had fun in this place, when we found out the motive behind the sudden shabu shabu decision, it sucked completely! I only found out about it last night, so it's too late for anything. But still, I'd put it in the blog. Oh well!

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