Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bring The Leprechauns On! :)

Rush hour traffic was extra HELL-ish yesterday. Heavy rains in the early morning plus the long weekend, with people having to rush back to the city, made for one NIGHTMARE-ish trip going to Makati. I had even silently resigned to being late for the first time ever!

But amidst the dark gray skies looming overhead and the drizzle, dampening every commuters' and drivers' spirits, was a big surprise. Nope, it wasn't wrapped in a shiny wrapper with a fancy ribbon. Instead it was spread out in a huge arch right before my eyes.

It was a moment of surprise, I didn't care if people in the jeepney or in the FX saw me smiling like a crazed lunatic, all alone in my car. But I was frantically rummaging in my bag for my cellphone just so I could take this once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence. It was a RAINBOW, giving me it's upturned, somewhat playful smile.

Mere seconds after I took these two snapshots, the rainbow started to fade. It was like telling me, "Come on Mai hurry up! You may have the lousiest camera phone, but I will, as much as I could muster, let my colors shine through this dull cloud behind me!"

And here it is! A sign that despite hardships, there will always be something to look forward to. I needed this, and I hoped my Mom saw this too. We both need a rainbow right now. But seeing this rainbow on a totally dismal Tuesday morning, gave me hope that sooner, not later, Mom and I will finally get that break and get things back to normal.

I was just waiting for a leprechaun in all its green clothes and pointy hat sliding down that rainbow, guffawing. Oh, and I hope someone found that pot of gold at the end of it! :)

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