Friday, December 24, 2010

Hungary Will Make You Hungry

Last Wednesday, I met up with my really good friend Miya. She's only in Makati once in a blue moon so I didn't think twice when she texted me to have dinner with her.

We went to Paseo de Magallanes in Makati (along South Super Highway), so we could eat at a Hungarian restuarant owned by a friend of hers. I haven't eaten Hungarian before so I said yes, and on the way there we talked about the food and what was good there.

We got to Magyar Hungarian Restaurant and was given this cute book, besides the menu, on Hungarian history and food. That little book would help those unfamiliar with Hungarian cuisine because it had pictures and a brief description of the food. This book helped me decide on what to order since Miya knew her way around already.

New cool fact Miya told me is that MAGYAR is the Hungarian term for HUNGARIAN. If we call ourselves Pinoy, Hungarians call themselves MAGYAR. :D

So while waiting for our food, I looked around the restaurant. I swear I loved the drop lights! Although they used yellow lights, it was still bright and inviting. They have a very spacious dining area, with really clean interiors.

And up on the wall, were pictures of Hungary.

On my way out, this book with pictures of Hungarian food caught my attention and conjured memories of grade school and high school.

They served STONE SOUP!

When we were students back in St. Scholastica's College - Manila, every December during our Peace Camp we had to recreate the story of the STONE SOUP. Yes, there are real STONES in it. They just put vegetables like carrots to put some flavor into the soup. I swear it's really good! :)

The food arrived and I was really excited to get to taste it. Miya's pumpkin soup arrived first.

She ordered it because she felt like she was about to get sick. I got to taste it and it was good. Thick and really tasty. It came with bread, so it was fun to dip it into the soup.

Next, the one I was really excited about arrived. Miya ordered Lamb Goulash, a.k.a STEW! For us Filipinos, KALDERETA is our own local version of stew! :D

They put it on top of a "flame" so it would remain hot. The sauce was thick, and the lamb meat was tender and cut up into tiny pop-in-your-mouth sizes. The lamb meat did not have that infamous after taste, or in Filipino we call, malansa. This dish sort of reminded me of a lamb dish I ate several month back, which was also cooked well so there was no after taste. Oh! And you could also mop up the sauce, since it also came with bread.

I ordered Stuffed Chicken which came with potatoes, red cabbage and sauerkraut. We were both curious about this because Miya had not tasted this yet.

One taste of the chicken, we were both sold! Whatever they used to stuff the chicken with was soooo good! The meat was soft, no need for the knife to cut it up with. I swear I would go back to Magyar for this! YUMMY!!!! :D

Thank you to my good friend Miya for making me taste HUNGARIAN FOOD! I swear it's so cool to get introduced to new cuisine.

Try it Magyar over at Paseo de Magallanes. It's worth a trip down there! Plus it's on the quiet side of the strip, so you could have nice, cozy dinners with the family, friends, and your special someone! Even noted food blogger Anton Diaz blogged about this, so you guys could have a more reliable source (hehehe!).

Magyar Hungarian Restaurant
Paseo de Magallanes Commercial Center
Unit 3, Paseo de Magallanes Commercial Center
Brgy. Magallanes
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No. 853-1397/ 852-0376


  1. Nice one Miks! Let's try other restos next time! :)

  2. craving for their stuffed chicken! can't wait for our next food haunt..san tayo next? :D


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