Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ilocos Tour Part 2: Vigan's Cordillera Inn, Night Shots and Empanada

The three of us had a hard time waking up that Saturday morning. It was a gloomy, rainy day, and it was our first time to sleep on an ACTUAL bed after riding 2 buses going to Pagudpud. We were able to go on a short but sweet tour of the Southern part of Ilocos Norte, but we weren't able to enjoy the beach due to the cold weather. So we just lounged around and got our well-deserved rest.

But Saturday morning, we had to rise and shine, because it was time to get back to Laoag to take yet another bus to get to Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

After breakfast at Polaris Beach House, I texted Kuya Mark our driver/tour guide, to take us to the center of town where the buses going to Laoag are stationed. It was a sad goodbye, but it was time to go.

When you get to Laoag, you just have to cross to the other street to get to the station of the mini-buses that go to Vigan. NO NEED TO RIDE A TRIKE. It's just so cool that the mini-bus we got on HAD ABSOLUTELY NO SUSPENSION whatsoever! It was actually funny, this pic was a testament as to how BUMPY that 3-hour ride was!

After 3 hours and almost having our internal organs turned into jelly and mush, we finally got to our destination!

We got down in front of the Ilocos Sur Capitol and took a trike to our hotel, Cordillera Inn, which was along the famous Calle Crisologo.

When we got in, all I could say was WOW! It was beautiful and everything was ANTIQUE. I loved the lamps that lit the hallways and the reception area!

After signing the forms and paying up, we were brought to our room on the 2nd floor. We were to stay in Room 18 for the night, and when the door opened, again another WOW! moment. The room was huge!!

I left Kim and Milds in the room and walked around the hotel. The lady who brought us to our rooms said that it had a total of 25 rooms. I also found out (the next day) it was owned by the Crisologo family. The 2nd floor had like 3 salas (living rooms), that was how big it was!

I also went downstairs to check out the restaurant, Cosina Ilocana . We only ate here once for the FREE BREAKFAST. They serve authentic Ilocano dishes, so you can have your bagnet, pinakbet, and longganisa right there and then. But the dining table and chairs were pretty. Again, giving you that old-school feel.

We rested a bit in our room, watched a little television (we were sort of deprived of the telly so we were excited about it), and got ready to walk around. I was a bit excited for this, it's my first time to REALLY STAY in Vigan, and I've heard it's true beauty comes out at night when they've turned on the yellow lights.

But first, we heard mass at the Vigan Cathedral. Unfortunately, it was in Ilocano, so we just sat around and prayed. This was the time I wished I learned how to speak and understand the language. My Mom's fluent in Ilocano, so I felt bad I didn't exert so much effort in learning.

After mass, we just walked around and took pictures. It was a cool night, so walking around wasn't too taxing on us. So just sharing with you guys the shots I took of Vigan that Saturday night.

And when in Vigan, one MUST NOT miss out on the opportunity to eat the famed EMPANADA! Available only at night, the empanada stores are found right beside the Vigan Cathedral.

We ordered the ordinary empanada (P10) because apparently there's a huge one or the one they call special (15). The special has egg and longganisa bits in it, too bad it was huge and we hadn't had dinner yet.

They make the empanada right in front of you as the ladies gossip. It's actually a fun place to hang out in. Tourists and locals, alike, congregate in this part of town to have that much-talked about and loved empanada! That's us, completely sold on our P10 empanada with COKE!! :)

Vigan lived up to its name: beautiful at night! And no worries folks, it's safe to go out at night in Vigan. There's still a lot of people walking around. I totally suggest you guys don't miss out on a NIGHT OUT in Vigan. It's something I regret not doing before, but really thankful I got to do it now with Milds and Kim! :)

Up next is our calesa tour. Stay tuned for that peeps! :)

Expenses for that day:
1. Trike from Polaris Beach House to the bayan: P40
2. Bus from Pagudpud to Laoag: P60
3. Bus from Laoag to Vigan : P100
4. Trike from Capitol to Cordillera Inn: P30
5. Cordillera Inn room: P2000 (good for 4 people)
6. Empanada: P10

Cordillera Inn
29 Mena Crisologo St., Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Telefax: (077) 722-2727
Mobile No. (0927) 313-5616


  1. Beautiful accommodation! I love Vigan so much, I should take hubby there someday :) And maybe we'll check in here.

  2. Hi Gaye! :) Yes, the hotel was beautiful!! And for 2k in that HUGE room SOLVED! Plus it's near everything so you can just walk around...super convenient! Bring hubby and the little one to Vigan, naku I'm sure they'll love it!! :))

  3. Hi I super Like your Blog :)
    Can you help me out the best way to plan vigan,laoag and pagudpud tour?
    Which should go first?

  4. RACHEL said


    i am looking for a suitable accomm in vigan when i chanced upon your blogsite... my friends and i are doing the same trip you did and your write up re your tour certainly would give us a good headsup and help us plan our trip better...

    i wonder where the parts 1 and 4 are of this trip? we would certainly want to read your entire ilocos experience... if you can email me at it...


  6. Would you know if there are bikes for rent in Vigan so I could bike around my way in Vigan City?


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