Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's Your "I Am Sick" Comfort Food?

So I've been sick since the last week of 2010 until NOW! The weatherman seems to be playing tricks on all of us. A lot of people I know right now, are sick or about to be sick. IT SUCKS! I've missed a couple of days at work because of this irritating cough. And while writing this blog entry, my cough is still bugging me!

So my question is, for sick days what is/are your favorite comfort food/s? Of course there's the famous LUGAW or Arroz Caldo (porridge) with chicken. Then there are the soups. The heat making your insides warm and you feel relaxed all at once. And maybe, you can hope that in an hour all your phlegm would have disappeared.

I decided to bump off my blog on our New Year's diner to continue on with my list of home-cooked meals that surpasses Christmas Eve and New Year's. I just wanted to share with you guys my favorite sick days comfort food.

NILADDI. Flat noodles with soup and some food coloring. This is a native dish, something that hails from our province in Cagayan Valley up north. Niladdi is an Ibanag term for noodles. The name may sound weird, but this is HEAVEN! Here's the super simple recipe, I'm sure anyone of you can do it!

Ingredients: Flat noodles, any kind of meat (chicken, pork, beef) and even shrimp, achuete (the red thing for the coloring), bawang (garlic), sibuyas (onions), patis (fish sauce), and water.

1. Saute the garlic and onions in a pot. Add the meat (chicken, beef, or pork) or shrimp.
2. When the water from the meat evaporates completely, put in the fish sauce. The fish sauce depends on how salty you guys want your soup to be.
3. Prepare the achuete by mixing it in water until it turns red. Once it turns red, pour the water into the pot. Use a strainer so that seeds won't go into the soup.
4. Let it simmer until it boils.
5. When it boils a little bit, you may add in water.
6. After you've added the water and it has boiled, add in the niladdi noodles.
7. Just wait for it to boil again. Then it's good to go!

I'm no chef. I actually dislike preparing/cooking food. But I'm willing to learn this just so I could cook it all by myself during sick days. I swear it's the best comfort food. Our helper had mastered the art of cooking niladdi. Maybe you should just ask her how she does it! :)

Lemme know what you're favorite comfort food is! Maybe there's another version of this soup dish! Lemme know!! :D


  1. First time I heard of this.It looks a little like chicken noodle soup,but it looks delicious.

  2. Hi Alisa! Thanks for the comment. Not to rock my own boat but it's really, REALLY good! =P

  3. noodle soup, peanut butter on wheat toast or popcorn :D

  4. @cookiespink: hey i saw ur blog and bigla tuloy ako nag-crave for CHOCOLATES and sweets HAHAHA! thank you for the comments!! :D

    i love, love, LOVE peanut butter on wheat bread too! haha *apir* :D

  5. huh... just read this one... for me my comfort food will be... sweet warm milk poured on rice... haha i know this sounds like something you'll give to a puppy... but my yaya makes this whenever im sick (although not recently) but it really makes me feel better hehe


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