Monday, March 7, 2011

The Feel of Espanya

The BFFs are at it once again! We are back on an eating extravaganza! And for our TGIF gimmick, we opted to be a bit more sosyal with our restaurant of choice.

We all met up at Barcino at their Rockwell branch. Thank God for reservations! Had I not reserved, we’d be noshing at another restaurant. We dined al fresco to complete the “sosyal” feel.

I asked my good friend Elaine about Barcino, and she says it one of the best Spanish restaurants in town. I was a bit iffy with this because there’s this one restaurant that proclaims to serve authentic Spanish fare, but really hasn’t hit the right target. My lola has impeccable Spanish culinary skills, and will know right away if you’re just a trying hard bitch.

Anyway, we had so much carbs for our appetizers. This was our freebie appetizer, bread with this dip that had olive oil. I don’t know what it’s called, but it was an instant hit we had to order another round and actually paid for it!

We also had another carbo-loaded appetizer, the Sobrassada de Mallorca. Nothing special. It was just like homemade pizza.

Amanda and Trency both ordered the Costilla de Adan, also known as pork ribs braised in BBQ sauce.

The meat was soooo tender, cutting it up (both with the knife and your incisors) was a breeze! Although we all complained it was too salty, not sure, maybe they bathed it in their barbecue sauce. For sure, this really went well with their garlic rice.

Although NOT a Spanish cuisine, I ordered Espagueti A La Carbonara with bacon, cream, egg, and parmesan.

I love pasta! I will almost, always order a pasta dish the moment my eyes see them on a menu. This did not disappoint. It wasn’t too heavy on the cream hence no umay factor and no heavy feeling in the tummy. It was good, except that it was lacking in bacon bits. Went totally well with our wine, too.

Mike ordered Callos A La Madrilena, or tripe stewed Barcino way.

I liked this one, the tripe was all over the place, and this is what callos is all about. So unlike the callos in Lorenzo’s Way and Dulcinea. This was yummy!

But the kicker for the night was the wine we ordered, Castillo de Maluenda Tinto.

Now, I’m no wine connoisseur but I liked this, however it was a bit acidic. I’d also like my wine to be a bit aged, 2008 is still a baby. It was a cheap wine (P650) but it had a strong kick to it. Had several glasses, and it made me a bit tipsy. Major check!

We spent a good portion of our Friday night here, just wining and dining, waiting out the time before we go to an event at the Rockwell Tent. It was drizzling, and we had to cramp ourselves in that tiny umbrella. We could also hear the other tables’ conversations, so if you want to talk about something personal, well don’t do it here.

It also feels good to eat inside the restaurant, amidst the wine bottles and kegs. There’s this room I saw at the Rockwell branch that’s perfect for a romantic dinner date!

All-in all Barcino makes one perfect place for a happy group, just like ours, to wine, dine, and have a little chitchat!

143, R1 Level
Power Plant Mall
Makati City
Tel. No. 846-9423


  1. You should try their potato bomb ( i think that's what it's called). It's literally the bomb!

  2. Damn! We should've ordered that too! Sounds good! :)


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