Monday, May 2, 2011

Proud Ninang to Baby Aron

I never really thought of myself as a Ninang (godmother) figure. I kind of think I'm still a kid myself, so playing second parent to a child can be a bit daunting. But if asked, then I'm all good! :) Besides, this kid is like my 4th or 5th inaanak (godchild) so I guess they saw something cool in me hahaha!

Such was the opportunity when my "cousin" Mitch asked me to be the ninang of her first born, Aron Miguel. I was thrilled, as it was unexpected, and in the first place how could you say no right? :)

So last April 30, Saturday, I trooped down to the Shrine of Jesus: The Way, The Truth, and The Light at Pasay City right beside the SM Mall of Asia. The BAPTISTRY is located at the left wing of the Church. It was so pretty, I loved the huge painting in the middle of the room of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus in the River Jordan.

The ceremony, officiated by Fr. Bong Lopez, was quick and very simple. We, the godparents, joined the parents - Mitch and Efren - in welcoming Aron to the Christian world.

Welcome to the Christian world, Aron. Be a good boy to Mommy and Daddy. I wish you the best of health, a good head on your shoulders, and a good heart. Make Mommy, Daddy, and us your godparents, PROUD! :) I'm sure you're gonna be a good kid! :)

P.S. The reception was held at Racks, Paseo de Magallanes. Wasn't able to take photos, got issued a ticket by stupid Pasay traffic enforcers, so I was in a sour mood! But the food was REALLY GOOD! :D Ribs galore! Oh and their Caesar Salad was yum-o! :)

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