Friday, June 17, 2011

100 Years and Counting...ANIMO LA SALLE!

The entire La Sallian community started its Centennial Countdown a year ago. I remember the DLSU Centennial website even had a countdown. So it just goes to show how excited everyone was for THE BIG DAY!

And so yesterday, June 16, we all gathered together as ONE LA SALLE to celebrate our school's 100th year. The DLSU schools in the provinces also had their own centennial celebrations, so we could celebrate all together.

Since we all had work, we got to La Salle rather late. It was almost 9PM when we got to Taft and the traffic was HORRIBLE! If you're a regular Taft-er, you'd know how bad traffic can get along the avenue during dismissal. Just imagine that traffic magnified 30 times more! And oh, parking was equally HELL-ish!

According to my college barkada Steph, who was in school as early as 3PM, there were mini-concerts all over the school. There was one along Agno Street so it was closed off for a while. But the main venue was the amphitheater, which was so JAMPACKED! I swear in my 4 years in undergrad and 1st term in grad school I have ever seen La Salle filled to the brim with students. It was like the school was bursting at the seams. It was really, really fun, but it was also super hot! AND EVERYONE WAS WEARING GREEN! :)

I'm sorry for the really lousy pictures, I was only using my BB. Anyway these pictures are from Jett Pangan/The Dawn's concert at the amphitheater. He sure brought the house down. Students were singing to the songs, screaming, bobbing their heads to the beat, and raising their hands ("parang prayer meeting lang" - just like a prayer meeting - HAHAHAHA).

It was funny though cos while Jett Pangan was dishing out some rock tunes, some group decided this was the perfect time to release balloons, much like what the Indonesians did after the tsunami some 3-4 years ago. It was kinda weird!

But what everybody was waiting for were the FIREWORKS to cap off the celebrations. It wasn't BONGGA or anything. Actually I was kind of disappointed because they didn't set off the fireworks at a higher point. Most of the fireworks were covered by the tree in the Marian Quadrangle. Sayang! But hey the students were all cheering! I wish they let the Pep Squad play the drums, so we could all have cheered our DLSU cheers during the fireworks display.

After the fireworks, our VIPs came to the stage. We had former La Sallians who are now big names in showbizness sing our Alma Mater hymn. JM Rodrigo, Epi Quizon, Ruel and Randy Santiago, and Gab and Gary Valenciano lead the entire La Sallian community in singing the Alma Mater hymn. Seriously I got goosebumps. We were all singing with pride! HAIL TO THEE OUR ALMA MATER! HAIL! HAIL! HAIL! Highlight of the night, I swear!

It was a fun night! And it also served as a mini-reunion with my college loves! I feel bad for some of our friends who weren't able to go. They missed out on an important milestone. Wish you guys were there!!

No matter what others say about La Salle, I will always, ALWAYS be proud I am from this prestigious university. We may not be topping the international educational charts right about now, but I believe I am where I am right now because I am a La Sallian. It played an integral role in my life, and I am happy I made the decision to take up my undergrad here. I had a blast in undergrad, and now I'm back for my masters degree. I am a proud La Sallian, and always will be! ANIMO LA SALLE!!

P.S. We had a bitch of a time finding a place to eat dinner in. At the University Mall the restaurants ran out of food, while others were filled with hungry diners. We ended up on the Benilde side of Taft at Kenny Rogers. Did anyone of you guys experience this major foodie issue over there last night?

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