Friday, June 24, 2011

Oxygen x Roy Macam

For the past months, Connect Agencie has been sending me e-mails about Oxygen. But it was only YESTERDAY that I realized it was all for me to blog about about hahaha

Anyway, this is all about Oxygen's X Series. They first featured Doc Marlon's photos in their shirts. For the next series of shirts, they are now featuring up-and-coming photographer, ROY MACAM. His works have been published in Preview, Garage, and other publications.

Here are samples of the shirts' designs. For the X series' 2nd collection, 5 designs will be released and produced on 100% cotton shirts.

Here are some pics with the models.

So don't miss out on these awesome tees, guys! :)

Available in all Oxygen branches nationwide for only P499!

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