Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Doesn't Kill You Will Only Make You Stronger...

...or put a huge dent and deep scratches at the rear bumper of your car!

Just this morning I got into an accident. I had just crossed the intersection of Buendia and Makati Avenue and about to turn right on H.V. dela Costa when a taxi in front of my car stopped. So obviously I had to stop too. Unfortunately the cab right behind me didn't and hit my car from behind. The impact was a bit strong, so thanking my fast reflexes, I stepped on the brakes harder and pulled on the hand brake just so I wouldn't hit the cab in front of me and prevent further damages on my car. The result:

A pathetic looking rear bumper. It had a HUGE dent and an awful lot of scratches. Plus my bumper looks like it's about to fall off. THIS PICTURE DOES NOT ENTIRELY SHOW THE DAMAGES. But it's painful to look at all the same. What's even more painful is that the taxi that hit me only got a bent hood, and I got this.

I wanna thank my friend Mariko, who thankfully was already up and about at 7AM, for helping me with this situation. It's my first real accident ALONE, so I had no clue on what to do.

So we went to the Traffic Bureau beside the Makati City Hall and filed a police report and our sworn statements. NO BREAKFAST YET. It was killing me! Since we were obviously the first "customers" of the day, we were entertained by an unusually jolly government employees. We both wrote our written statements and surrendered our licenses and car registration. It was pretty fast, although Manong Driver took his time writing his sworn statement.

Here's the good part, I talked to SPO2 Christopher Millares, and he was VERY, VERY ACCOMMODATING. He really helped me with the process. He asked about my comprehensive car insurance (which I am so thankful to GOD for!) and told me about this car shop that was accredited by our car insurance (Prudential Guarantee). He told me if we get the car in at that shop we could waive the participation fee from the insurance company (which costs about P2000 to P4000) and they'd be the ones to process the police reports and the other documents needed to avail of the service from the insurance.

After about 2.5 hours at the Traffic Bureau, I went to check on the car shop named Ambassador Inmogo along Bagtikan St. in San Antonio Village. I talked to Kuya Ramir Bitangcor who was by then already briefed by SPO2 Millares. I thought that it was pretty fast! Kuya Ramir accessed the damages, took photos of the pathetic-looking-barely-hanging on rear bumper and was very helpful. I'd be bringing the car in this Saturday, hopefully the papers would've been processed by the insurance company by then.

This then brings me to thank SPO2 Millares of the Traffic Bureau. Thank you so much! You made my life so much easier! Thank you for giving Kuya Ramir a heads-up! I will make sure your boss knows about it and that you get commended for a job well done! :)

I would also like to thank Kuya Ramir of Ambassador Inmogo. Thank you for the quick assessment of my car and for putting me at ease that my baby Huey would be in good hands as you guys spruce him up and make him look brand new again.

But in line with this, I'd also like to say sorry to the driver that hit my car. You see he's an old guy with a bad leg. He was limping and looked rather weather-beaten. I was surprised when he told SPO2 Millares that he was only 56 years old, he looked WAY OLDER. I know it was an accident, I do not have ill feelings towards you. Your quick apology and no-fuss attitude was what really got me. I really hope you still keep the job since you said you were just driving as a sideline today and that you get into no more accidents. Hope everything's ok after I left you at the Traffic Bureau.

To all my fellow drivers out there, just be careful. Don't lose your cool. And don't ever think that just because a jeepney, bus or taxi driver hits your car, and you know deep in your gut that they won't have means to pay for the damages, don't ever make them feel inferior. Accidents do happen, that's a fact. Lahat naman ng bagay naayos sa mabuting usapan. Accept the apology, don't make a huge fuss about it, forgive the guy, and just let the insurance company take care of the problem. Don't let your anger out on these drivers. They make a living too. It's just really unfortunate that the accident happened, and a lot of time was wasted. You see, it's only YOUR TIME THAT GETS WASTED. These drivers lose potential customers, their only means of getting by. So just keep it cool! :)

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