Monday, July 25, 2011

One of the Best Gambas I've Ever Tasted

Is found at Regina's: The Restaurant in San Jose, Antique. Yes, it's that far!

So after a bumpy, dusty, jeepney tour of Antique, we got really hungry. One of my Aunt's Antiqueño friends recommended we eat at Regina's: The Restaurant. I'm not really sure if it's super popular in Antique, but it's different and unique to that place. There was Jollibee and Mang Inasal in the center of town but my Aunt wanted seafood.

At first we were the only customers in the restaurant, so we got to choose the longest table inside. We were a huge group of 12 which consisted more of the senior citizens (boring! hahaha!). Since my Aunt was paying, she was the one who took charge of our orders, and true to what she said, everything we ordered came from the sea!

Sinigang na Tanigue. Really good soup, not too sour, perfect with rice! They had generous vegetable servings too.

Shrimps! Super good! We really just hated peeling the shrimp's shell...but it was all worth it afterwards!

Mixed seafood in oyster sauce. This was okay, the oldies enjoyed this better than I did.

But the kicker in all the food my Aunt ordered was THE GAMBAS! Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of it as they had already attacked the dish even before I could get a snapshot of it. But take my word for it...IT WAS THE BEST GAMBAS I'VE TASTED in a while! Super spicy! My Uncle and I enjoyed it. I had several servings of this dish. And even after we've left the restaurant, I was still reliving the taste of it in my mind. I wish you guys could have a taste of it. I wouldn't mind going all the way to Antique for it.

If you guys do get to Antique, do eat at Regina's: The Restaurant and order their Gambas. But try also their other stuff, I'm sure there are dishes in that place that's surely good! Here's their menu. :)

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