Monday, August 1, 2011

Buffalo's Wings and Things

BUFFALO WINGS!! BUFFALO WINGS!! BUFFALO WINGS!! BUFFALO WINGS!! They're just so damn good especially if it has that spicy kick to it. If it's lava red, then you know you're in for one HOT dish!

And so for lunch last Friday, Lainey and I ate at Buffalo's Wings & Things at the Solaris One along dela Costa Street in Legaspi Village. Elaine has been raving about this, so it got me intrigued. And after having a buffalo wing meal early Friday morning after the Incubus concert, it was perfect to compare this wingding meal with what I had.

Buffalo's Wings & Things is just a really small place. I mean this picture captured the entire restaurant already. So if you want to eat your lunch here it's best to come really EARLY! Plus that day Elaine and I ate there, it was payday Friday, so getting seats were kind of a problem for those who came late. But since it was connected with another restaurant, Chubby's, diners could have the option to stay at Buffalo's or at Chubby's. I guess, same owner lang.

Elaine and I both ordered the FAN MEAL A. For Php199 your get 1/2 pound buffalo wings, NY Dirty Rice, and Iced Tea. It's a bit more expensive compared to Wing Kings, but you get more buffalo wings here than in Wing Kings. But at least both were really, really good. I got the NY's Finest Buffalo Wings which was a medium on the hotness scale. Well since I asked for medium, I was really expecting a bit of spice. But it didn't so I had to get hot sauce to make the wings spicier. And also, I got a couple of pieces from Elaine's Firehouse Classic (a 3 on the buffalo wing sauces) and it was really spicy. That was what I was looking for! Again it gave my sinuses a workout!

Oh and when eating spicy food, it sucks when your food goes down the wrong pipe. I choked on a piece, and started hacking like crazy. It was actually dyahe cos people started staring! So lesson learned, when eating really spicy food chew your food well and swallow slowly! Hahaha!

Here's a little bit of concern I had with this small restaurant, I talked to Elaine about this during the meal. It seemed like they had this sort of identity crisis. Refer to their menu below, they say they serve American food, yeah sure the buffalo wings. But then you get to the THINGS part of their menu, there's MEXICAN. The NY Dirty Rice tasted like salsa dip. So really, what are you guys? Identity crisis much? Not like it's affecting the entire resto, we're just saying! :)

And this poster pretty much sums up your eating experience at Buffalo Wings and Things: EATING WITH YOUR HANDS IS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER! I mean come on, you're eating buffalo wings! Wash your hands then eat with them! PERFECT!

For Elaine's account on our lunch out click on her website: Buffalo's Wings and Things lunch out

Buffalo's Wings & Things
Solaris One Bldg. Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village
Makati City

P.S. I left my iPad in the restaurant that day. Thankfully, they kept it! Just wanted to thank our server Ate Yeth for keeping it in good hands while I was blissfully unaware of my stupid stunt, and also the management. Thanks guys! You literally saved my ASS!! :D

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