Monday, September 5, 2011

New Post at Tumblr!

Hey guys! Since our IT Department has totally, completely, and irreversibly blocked BLOGSPOT in the office, I'd be posting my blog entries on Tumblr and would be posting the link here. I'm so sorry for being an absentee blogger. A lot has happened, and I really wish I had been able to share with you guys through my blog. But don't worry, I shall really find a way to get my Blogspot up and running again. Maybe just weekend blog entries for the time being. Anyway the latest food blog entry I did was when we ate at Yummy Roast at the Food Junction in Eastwood Mall. For more details click on this link: YUMMY ROAST @ EASTWOOD'S FOOD JUNCTION. Pathetic what I'm doing I swear! I should just edit my photos here at the office, write the blog entry, and upload the photos and publish it at home. What do you guys think? Blogger friends, SOS!! Any type of suggestions would be of great help! Thank you! Hahaha!

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