Friday, January 22, 2010

the first of many (hopefully).....

I am actually a's just kind of sad that I don't get to do it more often that I should. I used to pour my emotions over at my multiply site. But after a sad encounter (with love) I can't stand opening that blog page of my multiply site. Everything on that blog site was just toooooo detailed. I tried re-reading my entries and I actually found myself laughing. Laughing at my stupidity and my "love sick puppy dog" entries. I was smitten by a guy I hardly knew...a guy who eventually broke my heart. But thank God he saved me! :)

So I start of my blog with an introduction of myself. I don't really care if I'll have followers...the point is for me to actually have something to put my bottled up insights (har!)

Anyway I'm Mai..Maierz, Mayee, Mai-Mai, and very recently thanks to Chuchie (my officemate turned gem of a friend) and The House Bunny I earned a new nickname Mahi-Mahi. It's funny how through my 24 years of existence I earned lots of nicknames. For me each nickname represents a characteristic of mine. Mai, to those who know me very little. Maierz and Mayee to those who know me well enough to make fun of the "Mai". And Mai-Mai for my family...I don't really know how they know me as a person...but my friends of 10 years call me that...

I'm a Virgo and actually there are some Virgo characteristics that I have "inherited". They Virgos have a small quantity of friends...which is true...and I don't feel sad about it because these few friends are my TRUEST friends. they know and love me the way I am and they have come to accept my kalokohans.

They also say Virgos are very good at directions...maybe this explains why my barkada treats me like their human GPS. My most frequent customer is Mariko...asking me random questions on how to get to Point A from Point B. It's actually interesting how I get to remember the places even if I haven't gone down that area in a looooong time. Yes, I sometimes surprise myself. :) But it's proven to be very useful...not just for myself but for my friends as well.

I'm also very good at remembering dates and phone numbers. One of its many benefits was during the summer of 2009. My college barkada (Steph, Par and I) went to Pagudpud to relax. Going back to Manila we stopped at this gasoline station in Ilocos Sur ( i forget the city). Steph who was driving thought I had gotten inside the car and just suddenly drove off. She didn't notice I went to the store to buy a drink. And so panic overcame and I just had to ask the Ate's in the store to use their cellphone (and their very precious load) to call one of them. See! Amazing! Thank God for good memory.

I love tennis... love watching basketball...I love alone time...I find pleasure in reading. And I have just realized that I'm into books that are mixed with historical facts. Take for example The Da Vinci code or The Romanov Prophecy. I'm a geek in that way... :)

And with that I end my first blog...I really hope that I get the time to post. I'm a frustrated blogger and I just want to share some thoughts. And so maybe this blog and I would become really good friends!! :)

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