Friday, February 26, 2010

24 years after EDSA I: What Now?

People will kill me if they read this blog, even my own Mother probably would join the group who would kill me! :p

But seriously I am NR (no reaction) to the EDSA anniversary celebrations. February 25 is just an ordinary day. First off, I was too young (at 5 months old) to even care about what was happening back then. But like many people my age, or even younger than me, could only hear about the things that happened during those historic days. We've seen pictures, footages, documentaries, and read articles about EDSA. We know of Ninoy Aquino and how his death triggered the anger of the people. We know that the EDSA revolution kicked Marcos out and brought Cory Aquino in. And we know about it because of the stories that have been passed on for 24 years.

I don't recall learning about the EDSA Revolution in my grade school or high school years in St. Scholastica's College. More so when I was in college in La Salle. It was never in our syllabus. If it was so important, then maybe our professors would have made that extra and necessary move to talk to us about it. I didn't go to a school that didn't play a role in EDSA. Our Benedictine nuns are so damn proud for having Cory Aquino as our alumna. She was a frequent guest of honor in some of St. Scho's important events. DLSU on the other hand played a crucial role in the counting of ballots in the election. The La Sallian Brothers are said to be very close to Cory, which we saw during her death. But we never, dedicated a single class to talk about EDSA.

But now, I would have to say that I am nonchalant about it. Yes sure we gained our freedom. My Mom has never-ending stories about EDSA, I've heard her talk to me about it a gazillion times. She would always make kwento about people sharing because there were people coming in bringing the rallyists food and drinks for FREE. But I'd like to stop and say, "so what?", or "I don't care!". Maybe I don't care because I wasn't there. Maybe I don't care because I just don't. Maybe I don't care because whatever is happening NOW in THE PRESENT doesn't reflect the past. But whatever the bottom line is I don't care at all.

For the first time, and it gives me a taste of bile in my mouth to say that I'd have to agree with Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo when she said that the glory of EDSA I has long since been destroyed. I never thought I'd say it but I actually found myself nodding in agreement while reading the article over at the Inquirer website. How could we even say that the spirit of EDSA lives on? Look at the corruption, look at the human rights violation, look at the moral degradation of the Filipinos. Everything that my Mom and all the other people fought for in 1986 has long-since evaporated into thin air. How could you not agree?

And please, please, please! Don't give me the argument that Noynoy Aquino being elected as president of the country would bring the glory days back. Honestly, I don't think he's right for the presidency. Bubot pa siya, hindi pa hinog, marami pa siyang kakaining bigas to be president. Him carrying the Aquino last name or the Aquino blood running in his veins doesn't automatically make him a savior of our degrading politics. As my friend Miya called him before, he was the "lesser evil" compared to Villar or Gordon. But if he wins, well good luck Mr. Aquino. I imagine you being exactly like your Mom, being thrown into the highest position in our country, with thoughts of you saving our country, only to be ridiculed in the end. That's what my Mom said about Cory. Months after her grand entrance in Malacanang, did the difficulties set in.

So now, here we are 24 years after EDSA and I don't see people happy about celebrating it. Even the people who played a crucial role during those days weren't even there to celebrate it. Maybe because they know it's useless and pointless. I don't want to be called cynical here, but I just love laying down facts. I don't believe just because people has stories to tell about a bygone era. I want to believe because I see how it has affected people. And if EDSA I was such a life changing event, then why are we even more stuck in this quagmire?

To me that was their own story to tell, EDSA I to me and all of us, is but a distant memory. Today this is the story that I could share. That the Philippine government is far worse than ever. Our living conditions unbearable. Our leaders selfish and corrupt. Is this what EDSA I is supposed to promote?

I think not!

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