Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1st Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

For two consecutive Sundays now, I've been trooping down to Blue Wave in Macapagal to watch the 1st Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. There's just something about fireworks I find so irresistible. It's pleasing to the eyes, and it makes you feel like a kid all over again. What's nice about the pyro competition is that it brings families together. Since it's held every Sunday, car/van loads of families come down just to watch, causing traffic, but who cares right?

Anyway just a short story I'd like to share since I said that I loved fireworks. It used to be the other way around when I was a kid. I remember seeing photos in our family albums of past New Year's with me cowering in fear and my Lola holding me tight. Mom said I used to be sooooooo scared of fireworks because it reminded me of lightning. Mom told me there was a lightning storm when I was a kid, it was so bad that the lightning looked like it was going to enter the house. It traumatized me and since then fireworks and camera flash scared the living day lights out of me. Hahaha! But now, 20++ years later, I'm into photography, I can't resist a Kodakan moment, and fireworks make me feel young again. Talk about a major turn around. I sometimes feel like a walking statement of conquering your fears. :p

Anyway, both the young and the old just love it. Despite it starting late (it's supposed to start at 7pm but it usually begins at 7.45pm), people still love and appreciate it. It's the kids who usually can't stay put, asking their mommies and their daddies every minute if it was going to start anytime soon. But the long wait is worth it when you see the fireworks illuminating the summer skies. You can hear the ooohhh's and the aaahhh's from the people. And at the end of every competition, as if people would hear it all the way from MOA, there would be applause, well depending on how good the performance was. Watching the fireworks just makes you feel like all your worries have disappeared, even for just a little while. :)

The first time Mom and I went, I didn't bring my DSLR and tripod. So I just took pictures from my phone. But on the second trip, with Mariko, Tita Mavic and Ate Lemar, I've wised up and tagged my DSLR and heavy duty tripod. The results are much, much, much better, thanks to the sturdy tripod of Cd-r King!! :D

Anyway here are some pics I took. Sorry they're crappy since I just took them from my phone. These were taken during the February 21 competition between the United Kingdom and China. We weren't able to see China's since we had to rush all the way back to Makati to hear mass. So here's what the UK had to offer. I swear it was 100 million times better when we watched it. Sorry po, pasensya camera phone lang po ang gamit! I know these photos are really bad for promotion! *peace* haha :p

So if you guys haven't watched the pyromusical competiton you still have 2 Sundays left. Here are the remaining schedules:

March 7, 2010 Singapore and Malaysia

March 14, 2010 United States of America and the Philippines
(although we're not competing, it's more of just showcasing what we've got :D)

So bring your kids down the bay area! I swear it's fun! I won't be passing up on the last two days if I were you guys! So hope to see y'all at Blue Wave or wherever you guys want to watch!! :D

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