Monday, March 29, 2010

Changing Lives

It was a last minute plan. My cousin's husband works for Smart, and he got free tickets to the Changing Lives concert featuring Timbaland, JoJo and Justin Timberlake. Since it was free, I texted my friends, Mariko and Trency. It was funny because my cousin texted me and told me that the concert was for Sunday, but Trency texted me and told me it was Saturday (March 27). I had no idea. Muntikan pa akong magkamali! Thanks to Trency she told me right away. But Mariko wasn't able to join us anymore! :(

On to the concert venue at the MOA Concert Grounds. MOA was buzzing with activities that night. Earth Hour was at the front, where the globe is. Then there was the concert. People were milling around, and can I just say that the traffic along Buendia was horrible. I had to park at the HK Sun Plaza, along Macapagal, and walk all the way. Darn traffic!

Anyway, the show was awesome. Trency and I felt like we were in a club. Kulang na lang the alcohol haha! We danced to Timbaland's cool tunes. I'm not a Timbaland fan, but I think his collaboration with other artists is what makes him popular. It was funny how he can't dance because of his size. He was huge! But I give him a B+ for trying to make whatever it was he was doing, look like "dancing".

But I feel sad for JoJo. She felt like a major extra, like a saling kitkit to the show. She sang like a song and a half. She sang pa Too Little, Too Late which was an old song of hers. She tried to get the crowd to sing along, but I think it was an epic fail. Poor kid. But she was gorgeous! At 19, that kid has reached the pinnacle of success. She's got a great voice, but too bad her stint in the concert was just way too short!

But the long wait for Justin Timberlake was all worth it. And my gosh! JT's beat boxing talent was to die for!! When he spoke to the crowd he was like bopek, but his singing voice is really good! JT I suggest less talk, more singing! It was like a voice of 10 year old boy haha!

Justin sang songs like My Love, Cry Me A River, Summer Love, and Lovestoned. Sexy Back and Promiscuous, together with the fireworks, made one great finale! :)

And oh! The keyboard playing was really sexy! :p That guy is really just talented! Definitely, the most successful N-Sync boy! He just has the goods to back it all up! And the! Justin, I am now a fan! :D And to Jessica Biel, you are one lucky crazy ass woman for having him! Damn!

Here are some pics I got from Didn't bring my cam cos I thought it was bawal. But then people had DSLR's with them. Argh!

The concert ended at exactly 12MN. It was my first concert since 2000, a decade ago. And as funny as it is, it was The Moffatts' concert at The Folks Art Theater (yeah yeah yeah! Let's all laugh at the fangirl!). I was also with Trency at that time. Funny!

Trency and I were so tired we couldn't even talk and react about the concert. We just dragged our bodies towards the parking. It was a fun night! Seeing Justin Timberlake perform is going to be on my 2010 highlights! :D

Thanks to my cousin and Smart! :)

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