Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Missing Palawan! (part 2)

I suddenly remembered I have this pending part 2 blog for Palawan. I dunno, I suddenly missed Palawan. Maybe because it's summer, and we weren't even in Palawan for summer. It was October, so it was weird to be on a beach getaway.

I guess what I'll be sharing in this blog, besides my other misadventures, adventures, and opinion, are my travels while I was still a travel writer/photographer. So for my first "sharing" on my travels, it will be on Puerto Princesa, Palawan. And this is the 2nd part.

The PAX Experience Day 1
After our very enjoyable and relaxed stay at the Microtel, we packed our bags and moved to The Legend Palawan. This hotel is run by the Kings, and is said to be one of the most popular in the Puerto Princesa City.

Although I must say that I loved Microtel more. The Legend has darker interiors, even in the rooms, so it looked sad and a bit...blah...sorry! But their tour package, makes them unbeatable, as far as I'm concerned.

Our first day with The PAX Experience, was spent island hopping in Honda Bay. It was a dark, windy, cloudy day, and the waves rocked the boat like crazy. But it was fun! We went to the two islands being developed by The Legend. We swam around and saw gazillions of fish. I swear it was love! Even when we were shaking like crazy from the cold wind, we enjoyed every single moment of it!

Jer, Chuchie and Me, getting ready for our Honday Bay island hopping :)

Dark clouds looming over

An artsy fartsy shot from our kubo

That night, we were treated to a very special dinner by resident manager, Mr. Nani Cruz. A proud La Sallian himself, we were welcomed whole-heartedly. Geovy King was a schoolmate of mine in DLSU-Manila, so yeah small world. After the dinner, this was when the fun actually started! We were asked to sing with a live band in their restaurant named Salo. It was cool yeah! :) I sang "Someday We'll Know" and I was Mandy Moore for 3 minutes! :p Thanks to Jer for this pic! :D

The PAX Experience Day 2
Day 2 was our last day in Palawan and we had to squeeze in this activity. We had to travel like about an 1.5 hours to the port where your Underground River adventures begin. It was an enjoyable scenic drive. We kept stopping along the way to take scenic pictures of the place. Here are some of the pics I took.

Where the mountain met the sea

An uphill climb and our kuya driver

The laidback countryside

When we got to the port, everything looked absolutely stunning. There was a beach right beside the port, and its sand was pure white. It was breathtakingly beautiful! But we were excited as hell to get to the the Underground River. My Mom who had been to Palawan said it was beautiful. But when we were inside, I got scared! It was dark, the water was murky (the boatmen said it was like that because it had just rained), and it smelled in some parts. I sat at the dulo of the boat, all alone, so it wasn't exactly fun! I had this feeling that something was gonna come out of the water and just grab me. The water was literally just inches from the boat. I still hope that the Underground River gets to be included in the new 7 wonders or something. Anyway here are the pics from our Underground River adventure.

The beautiful coast with its coconut trees-lined beach

Getting ready for our boat ride to the Underground River

"The Holy Family" inside the cave

With our fellow cavers

The light at the end of the tunnel

The elusive bayawak

Happy tourists :D

It was a great trip! If I had the money I would definitely go back to Palawan. But maybe in Coron. I made a promise that I'd definitely go back to Palawan. If you guys are having 2nd thoughts on going to Palawan, stop thnking, just go and you'll never be sorry! :)

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