Monday, March 15, 2010


I found the fight title exaggerated. Since I work for Solar Entertainment, as early as January I've been seeing posters of the match, posted in all of our floors. In uber RED, bold and dominating fonts it said: THE EVENT: PACQUIAO VERSUS CLOTTEY. Our Sports people have hyped up the promotion. Of course, it's going to be another fight of our Pambansang Kamao! Plus it will generate loads of income once again for our great company! :)

So come March 14, 2010, everybody was up early to watch the delayed telecast over GMA. Sorry Sky Cable doesn't carry any of our Solar Sports channels. So we had to make do with the delayed telecast, and since I forgot to buy tickets for our pay-per-view, pwede na rin right? The end results would all be the same anyway! :)

But the fight wasn't as we all expected. Clottey didn't even put up a freakin' fight! I wasn't expecting a knockout by Pacquiao, since sportscasters have reported that the guy was described as "someone who didn't get hurt". So a knockout was a long shot for Manny. It was such a drag! It seemed that Clottey was scared to have his already messed up face, messed up some more!

So a big, big congratulations to Manny Pacquiao! As always you have done the Filipinos all over the globe PROUD! Please don't run for Congress anymore! The boxing ring is way different from the Congressional/political ring. They will never coincide...EVER! Stop listening to the people who tell you to run! Huwag ng magpauto, makontento na lang sa kung anong meron ka!

Anyway, CONGRATS MANNY! WAPAKMAN ka talaga! :D

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