Monday, April 19, 2010

AM Routine

1. Put things on table. Say hello to people who aren't busy listening to their headsets.
2. Turn on PC. Wait forever.
3. Open lunch box. Get coffee and spoon, then get mug.
4. Walk to pantry. Open faucet, soak mug. Close faucet.
5. Get dishwashing liquid and pour some into mug. Wash well, both inside and out.
6. Turn on faucet once again. Put mug under running water and rinse off.
7. Turn to water to dispenser. Put mug under cold water and add 1/4 into mug. Shake water in mug.
8. Turn back to sink. Throw water.
9. Rip off coffee to open. Pour contents into mug. Turn to dispenser and put in hot water.
10. Get spoon. Stir well.
11. Walk back to cubicle. Set things down.
12. If PC is already ready, go to Mozilla Firefox, type Google, Yahoo mail, and IMO URLs. Log in.
13. Click on new tab. Go to Chico Garcia's blogsite, then check Jiggy Cruz's blogsite.
14. Laugh and comment on stuff said.
15. Start working. OR wait for May to give projects. =)

For the past 5 months I've been working here at Solar, I just realized how much my life has become a routine. I haven't included my "waking up" process in this list. My gosh, I can make my own weekday guide book because it's the same everyday from Monday to Friday.

Is this even a good thing or a bad thing?

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