Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saying Hello Once Again To Glee!

The 11th floor here at our "circular" building has been buzzing with excitement since last, last week. Teasers have been showing on our two channels - ETC and Jack TV - NON-STOP! And the teasers did work, cos all we could ever think about was that.

And yesterday, the much-anticipated return of GLEE has finally come!! :) It's been what? Almost 6 months since the last episode (Sectionals), so I could really understand everybody's excitement for the return. I got in the Glee bandwagon a little later than almost all of my friends, so my waiting period wasn't as long.

We at ETC, launched Glee Episode 14 at Red Box. It was sooo cool! Photobooth-ing was the major must during the launch! Naka-2 beses ata kami! :p But tt was really nice to see a lot of media people come. Hope they wrote good reviews about Episode 14.

I've read some spoilers on the last half of Season 1. We have to see Madonna's episode, Lady GaGa song renditions, the return of Kristin Chenoweth, Sue Sylvester's Vogue rendition, Kurt's boyfriend, Jesse-Rachel-Finn love triangle, Mr. Scheu's relationship with Emma, and Quinn's baby? Hahaha! I'm just really excited! And hope that the other characters, like Mike Chang and "Shaft" (I forget his name), have longer speaking lines. They always look like "fillers" just so they could say New Directions has 12 members!

I'm sure all GLEEKS are very, very excited! I am one of you! Let's go GLEE!!! :)

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