Friday, May 28, 2010

I am In Love!

I know I've written a very pointless blog months ago about The Third Secret. But after reading three of Steve's Berry's books I am in an ultimate love affair with his collections. I am mesmerized after every read! It all started years ago when I first saw my college friend, Ethel, who has the same passion for reading, unblinking while reading The Romanov Prophecy. I LOVE books based on history, especially World War II. It's nice to read and imagine at the same time, how this fictional book could have a great impact in our lives today, had it happened the way Steve Berry wrote it. It would be spectacular!!

I first imagined this kind of thing happen while reading The Romanov Prophecy. Imagine finding the lost Romanovs alive, hiding somewhere, and eventually rising back to power and get back everything that had been stripped away from them. Having a very powerful imagination helps, and it makes the reading more enjoyable! :)

With that said, I am still on a World War II high after reading The Amber Room. A blurb from Dan Brown saying, "My kind of thriller!" gives this book the two thumbs-up! It was so hard to put down! And yes, it is about World War II and Hitler's looting of the world's priceless artifacts. I knew Hitler killed a lot of Jews, and people der Fuhrer considered outside of the "Aryan" race. But I had no clue that Hitler stole a lot of beautiful paintings and other artworks crafted by the masters of the arts. Hitler was the greatest vandal of art! And up to now, a lot of pieces are still missing, perhaps never to be found at all!

One of the greatest controversies is the Amber Room. It was a room made of dark amber panels, and was a gift given to Russia from the King of Prussia. After it was given by the Prussian king, the Amber Room was installed in the Catherine Palace.

In 1945, when the Germans invaded Russia, the German soldiers disassembled the room and was supposed to bring it to Germany. But the amber panels disappeared somewhere during the journey never to be seen again. Today, no one knows where the amber room is, no one is sure they will be ever seen again.

And with Steve Berry's brilliant mind, he was able to make a novel with accurate details about the disappearance of the Amber Room. I'm not going to make this a spoiler, but I will be encouraging all you readers out there to go down to your nearest bookstore and purchase this book. But I swear, how Steve Berry concocted this sweet, yet super factual novel, is beyond me! I'd like to have a cup of coffee with him and pick his brain! :)

So far, my 3rd Steve Berry novels have not been disappointing. There's just something about his novels that's so addicting. For bookworms like me, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Steve Berry. Even when I'm at work and have projects to do, I tend to work on them later just so I could keep turning the pages. Amazing!

Hit this for more information on Steve Berry.
Click here for more information on the Amber Room on Wikipedia.

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