Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Hard Times...

Mom just bought a house and the expenses are UNBELIEVABLE! I know we don't have that kind of money, I don't even know how we're managing right now. :p In all fairness to my Mother, even though I know we're struggling in the finance department and her random complaints on not having money, she makes me feel that we can survive this. The rest of 2010 will surely be tough on the both of us. At least we already have a house that we can call our own. :)

And now, one of my problems is work. I know I'm not supposed to say anything about work. Got a bad experience with that, but I'm not bad-mouthing my job. It's me! I'm not happy with the work I'm doing. I feel so trapped. 10 hours stuck in a computer desk on the 11th floor, nowhere to go, nothing to see. I was doing photography, interviews, and meeting a lot of people in my previous job in a publishing company. That's what I see myself doing...and doing for a long time. I'm willing to be a publisher's slave for all I care as long as I get to do that stuff I want.

Sure I get to have cool perks here in my current job - movie premiers, freebies from clients - but I never felt any form of self-satisfaction from it. I never really felt, after a project, that I should give myself a pat-on-the-back. It's more of a relief that I got it done, and done well and on time.

Does anyone know of a writer job in a publishing company? Please let me know!! :)

Oh! And I have tons of blogs to write. My Bohol trip and my Cebu trip. Jeez! I've been neglecting my blog for some time. I looked at the stats and I saw I only had 2 entries for the month of May. 2! Now that's just crap! :(

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