Friday, June 25, 2010

Catching the Last Rays of the Summer Sun

I am now finally able to post pictures of our huling summer hirit! :) This has been one grueling week for me, and seriously, I've been quite delirious. So blogging has been totally brushed aside. So now, here's my chance to share these few pictures of our Batangas escapade.

I already gave a detailed blog about this adventure (click here to brush up on that account), and despite a few roadblocks - from Trency leaving her wallet at her Katipunan condo to the super mega traffic jams we encountered - we had a blast!!

And since everybody seemed to be escaping the Metro and sharing the same thought of catching the last few summer rays, the Batangas resorts were brimming with people. We had a bitch of a time finding a nice sort-of private resort to stay in for the day. And just when all hope was gone, we found a shimmering ray of hope in Taramindu Beach Garden Inn in San Juan.

This is their restaurant, with a view of the inn. There was one client who left their room door open, so I was able to take a peak inside. It was small but comfortable. The room I saw had two beds, and looked really, really homey. Not bad! :)

Their beach wasn't bad either. It wasn't sandy, so I loved it. The beach had small stones instead of the powdery sand. So the water was clear and you wouldn't have problems with the sand going in areas where it's not supposed to. Trency and I had fun swimming in the cool waters and soaking under the sun!

And of course, what is a beach vacation without getting SLOSHED!! While sun bathing we saw this vendor walking past us, and we saw CHICHARON! Trency called out Manong and we bought, at first, one pack of chicharon. Then, with the chicharon, came my much-loved SAN MIGUEL BEER!

From one bottle, came another round. I didn't care if there was no ice, I just wanted to drink. I can't help it! It's the alcoholic in me! After 3 packs of chicharon and 2 rounds of beer (the two unfinished beer bottles are Trency's, I am the proud owner of the two EMPTIED beer bottles HA!), we were done for the day!

It was short but definitely SWEET! Trency and I had a lot of fun in San Juan. Next time we go back to San Juan, we're definitely staying at Virgin Beach. But we didn't have a bad experience in this resort, so it was the perfect HULING HIRIT, and a place I would totally recommend. The staff was also great and very accommodating! So Trency and I couldn't have asked for more! :)

I just checked, Taramindu's website is up and running. If you guys are planning on a simple vacation, check out their website by hitting this.

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