Friday, June 4, 2010

Mr. Jones and US GIRLS! :)

I have just realized that my food adventures somewhat come later than everybody else. When everybody's written a feature article or a blog about it, that's the only time I get to muster strength to shell out hard-earned sweldo. So one day, after reading blogs and reviews, I decided to text the girls a day after payday to splurge a bit and eat yummy American food.

Trying to be organized, I made reservations around lunchtime last Tuesday to confirm our impending presence at 7.30PM at, none other than, the famous MR. JONES!! :)

Excited about trying their good, huge-ass meals, I left work early, make that 11 minutes early (ha!). Yes, under time's are called for on occasions such as these! :) I merrily drove to Greenbelt 5, with the mental images of their food already swimming in my mind. Weird though, I was NOT hungry yet. But I made sure I had to eat, and eat well. Mr. Jones has this reputation of happily feeding his customers. No one goes home unsatisfied or bitin.

Finally, I got to the mecca! Trency had been waiting for quite some time, and we still lacked one more person. But because she was soo hungry, we decided to order while waiting for Gladys. And lo and behold, the gigantic menu was placed on our laps. Mon, our server for that night, was a total prince! He attended to our every need! He kept changing the ashtray every time we finished a stick. It was hilarious!

Back to the food, we decided to order stuff that we can all share. Mr. Jones also has big-ass servings so it's always for sharing. Our barkada LOVES food! But our tummies aren't that fit for an ultimate pig-out session most of the time. Har! But it doesn't stop us to appreciate great food! :)

So this is what we ordered:
The famous, oh-so-creamy-licious, bowl-licking yummy Mac and Cheese!! :)

My goodness it was so creamy and oh-so-filling we almost couldn't finish it. I loved picking on the 4 different types of pasta. The saltiness of the bacon complimented with the cheesiness, that's why we missed out on the umay factor usually associated with the sweet or creamy stuff.

Our second order was the Fish n' Chips. Now this is my fave!! :)

I love fish and chips! Some times it's my "safety" order. I love the fish and chips at the Fish & Co. too! But may I just say that Mr. Jones' fish and chips is just so good we didn't stop attacking the plate until every bit of fish meat and french fries were cleared off. Heck! Gladys and Trency even started picking on the coleslaw. It was that good! And the fries, at first bite we were like "KFC FRIES!" It tastes exactly like the fries at KFC, ketchup-y and crispy. In not so many words, delish!! :)

Of course every girls' night out will not be complete without the alcohol. Getting sloshed with the girls ends perfectly. I love beer! As in LOVE beer! But that night I decided to be all sosyal and opted for the cocktails. So me and Gladys ordered our GINORMOUS cocktails.

Marga & Rita for me! Just look at the size of that! :)

It was Ernest a.k.a Mojito for Gladys. She was on a Mojito craze and she absolutely adored her Mojito!

It was love at first bite at Mr. Jones. I am coming back...and coming back for more. The Mac and Cheese will be there of course, but I promised myself I'll order something different the next time. Mr. Jones I shall return...wait for me! :)

So if you guys want to try Mr. Jones and be one of the thousands of people raving about this place, head on over to Greenbelt 5. If you're coming from the Greenbelt chapel it's on the left side, on the side of Zara. Since it's just a small diner place I highly suggest calling them at 501-3682 or 501-3683 for reservations. The place fills up with yuppies and families out for some great dinner. Oh! And look for Mon, the cool server! :)

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