Monday, June 7, 2010

Surprises @ SOMS!

I am lucky that my high school barkada loves FOOD! I'm not really adventurous when it comes to food, but when I'm with them I get dragged into trying out new stuff, AND SPENDING!!! Mind you, we are just simple employees of corporations, and so money issues are a bit of an issue (I won't deny that!). But when I'm with my best friends, it's an unwritten rule that when we eat, we spend.

Amanda's usually the reason why we spend A LOT in food. She's picky, and she knows GOOD FOOD. And yes, GOOD FOOD sometimes mean you have to spend. As a barkada we've hit restaurants from the pricey to the cheapest eateries. Spiral, Masas, Fridays, Fish & Co., Mr. Jones, Bubba Gump, Casa Armas, among many others. FAST FOOD CHAINS NOT INCLUDED!

So you guys get the idea now, right? When we eat...we spend, and spend A matter where that is! And such was the happening when we ate at SOMS Noodle House last Wednesday night. Trency just got their new apartment over at Rockwell because her sister is now officially an AQUILA LEGIS (not the fraternity ok...just an Ateneo Law student!) So we all met up at her pad, parked our cars, and walked to SOMS.

In the midst of a humble Makati subdivision lies SOMS. I've eaten there once before with Amanda, Mike, and another couple-friend. I wasn't a fan of Thai food until they made me try it at SOMS. I think SOMS will be the only Thai restaurant I will ever eat in! The first time I was there, people had to eat outside. The tables were lined up in neat rows on the sidewalk, and it's like a primped up turo-turo. But now, a couple of months AFTER, they have finished their indoor dining area, therefore accommodating a lot more people. But they still have their outdoor dining for smokers and those who love the feel of eating Thai food just like in Thailand.

The good part when we were there last week, we were all freagen hungry. So we went inside and told the waitress our orders. Amanda was the one who started dictating to Ms. Ordertaker the food we were about to devour. It sounded A LOT, as usual. And when Ate Waitress told us the amount I almost fainted. P1,066 for everything. To give you all an idea of what we ate, here are the evidences:

The yummy bagoong rice we were still able to share despite it being good for one!

Pepper Beef. A surprise to my taste buds! It was good, although the beef was a bit tough. Chew hard to prevent choking. :)

An ultimate fave: Chicken Pandan! OH MY GOSH! It's an ultimate surprise under the pandan leaves...delish!!

Pad Thai: The most-ordered but very disappointing food at SOMS. I've tasted the real-deal Pad Thai, and this is NOT Pad Thai from Thailand! But it's a pwede na for those craving for Thai food.

And this was our rice "for sharing". I loved the shrimps! There was one huge one and it was love! :)

A new order Chicken Curry! Wow! Really good. Though not spicy...and I was counting on the ZING from the curry. A bit of a let down...but it was good and the chicken was really tender! :)

All that plus our drinks cost P1,066. Since there were 4 hungry people, I guess it was enough. But still, P1000+ for a dinner with the girls is sooo not ok! :p

And so we bonded, laughed, and talked about senseless stuff. Trency's sister wanted to have dinner so we waited for her over a couple of rounds of...wait for it...BEER!!!!!!! I've blogged about my love for beer, and that night I got sold on 3!

When Trency's sister got there, she ordered Tofu Curry with some other form of vegetables. She's vegetarian, so we weren't that interested on her main course. But what got us hooked was her dessert, STICKY RICE WITH MANGO! We didn't even know SOMS had dessert. Oh my was YUMMY!!! You have to get a spoonful of the sticky rice together with the mango, put it in your mouth and just close your eyes and savor the flavor! It was a perfect match! A MUST TRY!!!! :)

It was a fun night! As always a night-out with the girls makes one perfect de-stress moment. Beats the spa!:p Since they were closing, that was about 10.30PM but still there were people inside, we walked back up to Trency's apartment filled to the brim with Thai food and girl talks!

So if in Makati or just craving for some authentic Thai food, come on over to SOMS Noodle House at A. Alegre St., Poblacion, Makati City. I don't think they entertain reservations because it's just a small place. It really fills up so try to come early! But hey, it's guaranteed authentic because the owner of the joint is from Thailand! ENJOY! :)

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  1. was never impress with Soms food



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