Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soho Feel @ Marciano's

Last Friday, Trency and I decided to eat out for lunch. She was resigning that day, and so she wanted to pig-out before handing over her resignation. Our growling tummies lead us to Greenbelt. At first we wanted Japanese, John and Yoko came to mind. But we were disappointed because they didn't have any seats outside. Other choices were Chili's, Mr. Jones, and Fish&Co.

After much fiasco, we ended up eating at MARCIANO'S. A restaurant in Greenbelt 3 co-owned by actor-turned-restaurant guru, Marvin Agustin. I've passed by this place a hundred times but never got a chance to try it out.

Trency and I opted to stay outside, but I still couldn't help but be amazed with the inside. It had cute chandeliers on the right side. It's like an intimate date place because they had curtains which you can pull down to give you and your date your privacy. It had a very Soho-feel to it. It's like an Upper East Side restaurant in the heart of Greenbelt.

Trency told me that they show old black-and-white movies here. Too bad they weren't showing that afternoon.

We were both so hungry since we got there at around 2pm. Upon our server's recommendation, Trency ordered their lunch special: Pork Ragout with salad and iced tea. (P228)

It took some time before it came. But the long wait was worth it as it was really, really good. Their pork was tender, really easy to chew. The sauce, gravy-like, was really tasty and totally complemented the pork and mashed potatoes. It was a great meal, and how I wish I ordered that as well. Totally recommended. :D

Here's mine: Legally Blonde pasta (penne noodles in tomato sauce, P268) and ripe mango juice (P148).

The pasta was good, with authentic tomato sauce, but the penne was undercooked, still a bit tough. But, I loved the mushrooms, and kept picking on them. And the cheese was mmmhhhmmm good!! :D The ripe mango was LOVE. It was a hot day, and it was really refreshing. A must-try.

A bit expensive for lunch. But like I said, our barkada spends a lot on food. Since I was with a great friend, I think it was all worth it! :D And it was my treat for myself after a grueling, hectic, Thursday! Great way to end the week. Thanks Trency!! :D

2nd Level, Greenbelt 3

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