Friday, June 18, 2010

I Believe in Love :)

It's such a cynical world. And I admit to adding up to the cynicism in this world! But despite that, I will always, always believe in love and marriage despite what others say about it. Love or marriage will NEVER be perfect. What is perfect in this world to begin with? But it will always be up to the two of you to make it perfect. :)

It's actually funny to hear stories about the marrying type who aren't married yet. And there are those who aren't the marrying type but are already married or about to get married. It's cool how the world could sometimes play tricks on people. And this is the story of my cousin. My cousin the intelligent one, the cardiologist, the heartthrob/heartbreaker and the NOT-SO marrying type. But in the end, fate finally lead him to his match. :) This was his Cebu wedding through the lens of my camera.

The blushing bride. :)

The bride walked down the aisle by her Mom and Dad.

Saying their "I-do's" :)

My favorite pic. I love the spontaneity of this pic and how I captured their happy moment. :D

Sealing it with a kiss :*

Having their cake and eating it too. Although the eating part not shown hehe. But they did eat the cake! :p

Isn't it nice to see happy endings? I posted this not just to share the happy ending for my heartthrob cousin, but also because it's June and it's supposed to be the "wedding month". I swear when I get married it's going to be as romantic as possible! :)

Congrats Kuya Jay and Ate Maam! Definitely thrilled to have shared that special moment with you guys!! :D

Date: May 20, 2010
Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Reception: Clubhouse of Maria Luisa


  1. hihihi you are such a softie mai... its funny and sweet... YES I KNOW... you believe in it heheheh

  2. YES I KNOW YOU DO!!! :D i'm a hopeless romantic pano ba yan! :D


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