Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coffee and Caffeine

Will kill me soon if I don't stop!

Ever since we transferred to the province of Rizal, I've been waking up at 6am just so I wouldn't be late for my 8.30am call time at work. So this entails slow, sleepy mornings at work, hoping against hope that projects would come later in the afternoon when my mind has woken up (if it decides to eventually wake up).

What I usually do is eat breakfast first then sleep or take copious amounts of, yes, COFFEE. As of this writing, I am currently finishing my 2nd cup of brewed coffee from McDonald's.

Yesterday though I had like 4 cups - Jimm's 7-in-1 in the morning, then went to Jollibee, then at McDo after lunch, then Coffee Chill from Quickly. Okay, maybe Iced Coffee doesn't really count, but still I could taste the Nescafe from the creamy thing Ate Quickly made for me. It was so good I inhaled it in a minute. :)

If my coffee cup in the office could talk it would be cursing me already! Like me, it's also high and crazy from caffeine! But I love it!

Sad thing is that it doesn't even have an effect on me anymore. Yesterday after the 3 cups of coffee I still fell asleep at my desk. I swear they're gonna fire me soon for sleeping on the job! And at night, I still sleep soundly, and it doesn't really make me hyper. I drink it just for the heck of it. I am an addict, a coffee addict.

Oh and by the way, since I have admitted to being an addict, I am on a hunt for the best Latte and Brewed Coffee. I've had Starbucks and Seattle's Best brewed coffee already. Seattle's Best's brewed coffee totally sucked! It sorta ruined their really good breakfast meal. The cheap brewed coffee from Jollibee and McDo are really good, too!

Latte's I've had from all 3 coffee shops - Starbucks, Seattle's, and Coffee Bean. The best pa rin Starbucks in my opinion. Creamy, and not too foamy. And regardless of whether you order it with regular milk or non-fat milk, the consistency of the taste and texture stays the same. That's what I call latte perfection, which you only get from Starbucks! :) I am not advertising, I'm just saying!

OH MY! To have a hot latte on a good day, with a good book, my trusty mp3 player (mind u I didn't say iPod :p), and cigs is heaven to me! I'd diss work just for that..seriously!

So if you guys have any other coffee recommendations, lemme know! I wanna taste other coffee shops too! Just not Bo's Coffee though, I wanted to hack up the coffee I ingested.

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