Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Blogger Will..


Yep, you all read that right my dear friends! Inasmuch as I've been scared of the kitchen in all my 24 (about to be 25) years of existence, I will swallow my fear of getting burned or getting hit by popping or splashing, boiling oil, broth, water, or what have you.

My first shot at "cooking" was for Mother's Day eons ago! I told Mom I'd make her pancit canton, I think she thought it was the real deal pancit canton. But what I really did was the pancit canton from Lucky Me! She almost died laughing, and she only ate the thing because it was my Mother's Day present to her! So ever since then I swore to myself that the kitchen will be the last place I will be found in!

My inspiration came from 2 blogs I've been reading on a constant basis: Trip or Treats and my 4th year high school class adviser in St. Scholastica's College, Ms. Sunshine Quibilan-Mendoza. Plus, my high school friend, A, have also turned chef-y. So being the inggitera that I am, I thought why not join the bandwagon! :D

And since I've been eating out a lot with my friends, I thought why don't I try eating something I did myself. I love pasta, so that's a start. My former class adviser shared this really easy, somewhat fool-proof, pasta recipe. I'd like to try that first and feed that to Mom.

But my first attempt would be at baking. It seems easy and since I'm scared of getting burned, the baking seems to be the easier way for a rookie like me. Although I have my inhibitions, I SUCK at measuring, and I do not have the patience, I think I have a good shot at this. I WANT this to turn out good!

Come payday I have already made out a list of things to buy, especially for the baking. I'm actually excited to buy the stuff where you put the things in (trays?), the spatulas, the measuring cups and spoons, and of course the ingredients!

I promise I shall document the process and give out an honest evaluation of how it came out. Check out this blog for the outcome! :D

Wish me luck peeps! :)


  1. Good luck with that!! i love to eat and i do cook and bake... it's really easy once you get the hang of it... but yes... i have had my share of painful experiences when it comes to kitchen accidents... i got burns from the oil, the pan, the stove... and a head bump (dont ask me how i got that one) OH WELL.. GOOD LUCK hehehe

  2. Hahahaha thanks!! :D Sana lang I don't set the house on fire hahaha mas okay na to have burns, wag lang burned down house! :D gusto ko mag-bake kaso we don't have a matinong OVEN..wala siya ung degrees-setting. kaya na-dishearten ako! :(


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