Monday, August 23, 2010

Horror Bus Rides

I haven't been on an eating barrage lately, so I thought I'd blog about something not related to what I do or eat or go to. So here goes!

This month must be horrifying to those who take long bus trips here in the country. For those people who aren't from the Philippines, but get to stumble across my blog, the most popular (and cheapest) way to go to the provinces is by the mighty bus. But now, I'm not so sure if the bus is still MIGHTY. I'm sure it's going to be the last adjective people would describe them.

Early this month, the most tragic bus accident occurred in Benguet. The bus driver said it lost its brakes and plunged down a 100-foot ravine. The driver's efforts in slowing down the bus by driving straight to a tree was futile. When it went down the ravine it took the tree and with it the lives of 41 people.

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This next accident took everyone by surprise. I'm no beauty pageant fan, beauty queens make my head hurt. But the death of Bb. Pilipinas International 2009 Melody Gersbach shook the beauty pageant industry, and also the youth.

The 23 year old half-Filipino, half-German Melody was in Bicol to attend some pre-pageant gig. They had a head-on collision with a bus that was trying to avoid a tricycle. The Toyota Innova she was riding in along with her driver, a make-up artist, and 2 others, was a total wreck.

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Learned about the incident through Mom who's close friends with Meldoy's mom, Bot Gersbach. I remember meeting Tita Bot when we ate at her Gersbach restaurant at the A-venue. Although I do not know the feeling of losing a child, I know it must hurt, especially losing her child in such a tragic way.

I just feel so sad that she died so young. I'm sure she still has a lot of things to accomplish. And she's just so beautiful! Super sayang!

I'd like to extend my condolences to the Gersbach family, especially to Tita Bot. Please take solace in the thought that your dear Melody is in a safe place now where there is no pain nor suffering, and where her beauty will live forever.

To bus drivers and bus companies:
Please always know that lives are in your hands EVERYDAY. Please be careful in driving, whether here in the city or in the provinces. I know your wages depend on how much passengers you get to take in a day. But when you get into an accident you'll never get anything plus you end up in jail.

To the government/MMDA:
Let's implement stricter rules, especially on speeding. I drive along EDSA every stinking day, and these buses are hazardous to every commuter. They switch lanes like they're ordinary vehicles.

In the provinces, traffic enforcers are nowhere to be seen. Actually there are no traffic rules in the provinces. People get to drive there without licenses! Drivers tend to speed, overtake, and counter flow like crazy! They're free to do this because no one's watching over them. There are no rules! And that's why I think accidents are rampant in these parts of the country.

Come on guys! Let's take people's safety in mind. Do your jobs! Send traffic enforcers out on the roads in the provinces. Impose strict rules on speeding and overtaking! I'm sure if you guys implement rules, then killer accidents such as these would be reduced by a great deal!

To us drivers:
Let us be vigilant as well. Be careful whether you drive alone or with people. I know Manila traffic sucks, but let us not lose our cool. Curse fine, honk all you want, but counter flowing or overtaking may not always be the right thing to do. If driving to the provinces, let's be extra careful when we overtake. I for one love to overtake in the freeway. But just check and double check for approaching cars. Huwag nang ipilit! Getting held up for 10 more seconds when you let a car from the other direction pass is better than being dead.

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