Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Weekend at Galera

I've been postponing posts and I hate it! Anyway, I already wrote about what happened on my birthday when my Mom and I ate dinner at Friday's. At first I was at a loss as to how to celebrate my 25th year on Earth, but thankfully a cool idea hit me and Trency while having dinner. Being beach bums, we decided to just hit the beach and relax!

So on the weekend of the 17th to the 19th, my close friends and I went on a sponsored trip to the island of Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro. We left Manila at 3.30am, got to the Batangas Pier at 5.30am and got on the first trip at 7.15am. Amidst the threat (and worries of the parentals) that the sea would be turbulent due to the impending storm, we defied the odds and proved that the sea was safe!

Since it's the lean season, the pier was peaceful with only a few passengers milling around. Since this was sort of a spontaneous trip, we didn't make any hotel reservations. Luckily there was this woman named Tess who approached us with different laminated "brochures" of different hotels to choose from. We decided to check-in at the VM Resort because I've been there before and it was cheaper than the rest. It was only P1500 per night, with 2 single beds and a double bed, aircon, shower, and cable TV.

Getting to Puerto Galera is a hassle-free trip I must say. We took the Father and Son Lines, their roundtrip ticket costs P450 per person. It just sucks because they stop over at Sabang and Muelle to drop off passengers.

We didn't want to waster any time after that 2 hour boat ride. So we checked in at our very simple hotel room, changed into our swimwear, and started out on our Puerto Galera escapade!

But first here's a photo of our room. We're not a prissy bunch so this room was a-ok for us! It was funny because the room had a small aircon, so we thought we'd suffer in the heat! But this little thing proved to us that we were wrong! It blasted freezing cold air through the night and Trency even had to turn it off.I'd give this a 3 out of 5 because the room was okay, but the bathroom was a bit questionable.

When we were ready, we went out to have lunch first. And while walking to find a restaurant, I realized I've been to Puerto Galera every year since 2007, and the last time was for a coverage in our travel magazine in a private resort, and I saw how much the place has changed. They've improved the beach area and they've created areas for the shopping arcade and the restaurants. It was much more organized unlike before when everything was just strewn on the beach.

After a good lunch of inihaw na liempo and tilapia with ice cold Coke, we hit the beach and sunbathed! Oh and with less than P150 you could already get yourselves full! The liempo was around P100 and it comes with rice. This trip was really going well with the budget, I must say! :D

We were able to choose a good spot on the long stretch of White Beach and set up camp away from the bars and restaurants. It was a great place to just hang around in and take as much sun as we could. With the surf, the cool wind, and the bestest friends in the world, it was just a perfect way to spend a birthday weekend.

As night falls, White Beach transforms from being a relaxed place to a real party place. I've seen it during the peak seasons, and the parties here could get really rowdy! That night, we stayed at Aurio's Bar and brought my choice of libation: Vokda (Absolut Kurant) and Tequila. We also made friends with the "waitresses" there, a bunch of trannies who made the night totally fun for us! To the homophobics out there, well uh, maybe this isn't a cool thing for you guys, sorry! But they're not the scary gays, they were fun! Although we felt like they freeloaded on our drinks, cigarettes, and food, we all had good, somewhat clean fun! I also received gay kisses from them when Trency, Amanda, and Aimee told them it was my birthday!

It was a great way to celebrate my 25th birthday, and too think I even stressed out on thinking of a way to celebrate! Being with close friends and just relaxing is a good way to celebrate, hands down! It's my best advice to those stressing over their birthday celebrations.

To Trency, Amanda, and Aimee thank you for being with me to usher in a new chapter in my life. I wouldn't have chosen any other way to welcome in my 25th birthday, this is the best I've had so far and it's all because of you guys! Thank you, thank you!! :D

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