Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Teaser: Valley of Paradise

Just last weekend (November 19-21) my high school friends, and 2 new friends, and I went on a short vacation. The Metro can surely take its toll on you! So what better way to relieve our tired selves than to take a break and escape to this beautiful valley up north. I won't tell you guys first where this is..maybe you guys can take a wild guess! :)

But it's just sooo beautiful, relaxed, and quiet that I have decided to take my ALONE TIME HERE SOON!

So here are some pics I'd like to share. Maybe these pics are a dead giveaway anyway! Hahaha! Will blog about this soon! :D

These pictures are making me miss it sooo much! I have never had so much heartache as the bus slowly took me away from this paradise....

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