Monday, December 13, 2010

My Good Friend's Ever Ever After

It doesn't matter how long you and your boyfriend have been together. If it is the perfect time to be together and forever bound by marriage, it will come! I've had friends who've been together for about 8 years but still things came up and it ended their relationship. There are some who have been together for 2 years but end up happily married. But this story is somewhat more special, this is the story of how a 1 year and 4 month old courtship ended up in the altar.

Last Saturday, December 11, a really good college friend of mine Ethel got married to her first love, Jayson. She’s my first friend (within my circle of close friends) to get married and I wouldn’t pass it up for the world! And I was surprised she was the first one to get married. Her wedding was also the second I’ve been to this year, after my cousin’s Cebu wedding.

I remember around July or August of this year when she sent me an instant message asking me, “Mai, kung ikakasal ako pupunta ka ba?” (“Mai, if I were to get married, will you go (to the wedding)?”). To which I replied to with a resounding yes! Definitely yes!

Here’s a short story. We went to college in De La Salle University, we were blockmates when I was still majoring in Organizational Communication. I think because we were both only kids, was the reason why we became close. She has always been boyish, a total cowboy! She would be comfortable in jeans and sneakers, and we'd have the time of our lives laughing at her when she wore a skirt or a dress.

Believe it or not she wanted to be a soldier, and not just an ordinary foot soldier, but one who marched down the front lines and even wanted to sign up at the Philippine Military Academy. She was one step closer to her dream of becoming a soldier when she signed up for our Reserved Officers Training Corps (ROTC). I was an officer; she was part of the Shore Patrol. She would’ve become a much better officer than me, she was always with us in the ROTC office, she actively helped in our duties, in short she loved the job – maybe I should’ve given it to her instead.

We also bonded over basketball. We’d trudge on over to Araneta and watch and cheer our lungs out for our school.

We also went out to the beach or to the mall. We were almost inseparable in college. And even after graduation, we tried to remain in constant communication with each other.

Fast forward to today, she’s now Mrs. Ethelynda Tee Aguila, and I couldn’t be happier. When she walked down the aisle, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I was crying tears of joy! She was radiant, like a true blushing bride on her wedding day.

That would be Jayson, the groom, the guy with a lot of heart and guts, story about their love life LATER! By the way, I almost became commentator/reader for the mass. The real commentator was late, and so Ethel “assigned” me to replace her.

Here are photos of her wedding at Mary The Queen Parish, Greenhills, San Juan. It was simple, but you could just feel the LOVE.

The facade of the Church.

About to exchange their vows.

Saying their "I-do's"

Ethel putting the ring on Jayson's finger

Sharing their first kiss as husband and wife

Signing their marriage contract

Here are more pictures

With the groom's parents

With Tita Linda, Ethel's Mom

The traditional showering of the bride and groom with flowers and the blessed aras (coins)

To my dear friend Ethel, and to her now-husband, Jayson I wish you have a blessed and fruitful life together. Believe in the power of marriage and the happiness it will bring to the both of you. It will never be perfect, just like Fr. Mac said in his homily, but it'll be up to the both of you to make it perfect! I just want to say I am so happy for the two of you! :) Best wishes Ethel and Jayson!


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