Sunday, January 30, 2011

Braving The Floods Just For Wingman

It was a Friday night, so me and the girls - Amanda and Trency - decided to take the night out and just chill out. The last time we were altogether as a huge barkada was December in super cold Tagaytay. We all wanted something different, so I think it was high time we tried this small place where they say served one of the best chicken wings in town.

Since I was still on a chicken high from really good garlic and spicy chicken chops, I knew I had to try CHICKEN WINGS this time around. And the place to go to is at WINGMAN over at The Collective in San Antonio Village in Makati City.

Amanda got there first and had already ordered Potato Wedge French Fries and Iron Skillet Queso.

I think this is were the spice fest at Wingman began. The queso and the fries had a little bit of a twang to it. Thankfully, I have taste buds that have already been exposed to spicy food!

Trency got there and was starving. So we ordered some more stuff to fill our hungry tummies and to perfectly match our drinking session. For the alcohol lovers out there, Wingman serves both local and imported beers. For the local beers, they serve San Miguel products and also new-player Manila Beer. For their imported selections, they have Stella Artois and Hoegaarden. They also have cocktails for those who opt to be a bit sosyal with their drinks.

Back to the food part, we just HAD to order Wingman Wings. You can choose from 9 variations of their wings - Buffalo Classic, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Hickory Barbecue, Honey Mustard, Asian Invasion, Mango Barbecue, Honey Garlic, and Teriyaki.

We ordered the Buffalo Classic with Medium Hotness Level. It was just sooo good. Not too spicy. Super tender chicken wings and it had really tasty meat! If we weren't eating out I swear I would've eaten those with my barehands! It was THAT GOOD I'm telling you! Order their Special Bleu Cheese, it'll make the wings extra tastier. The spiciness of the meet just blends so well with the sourness of the bleu chesse! PERFECT COMBINATION!

Trency had this Cajun Grilled Fish Fillet.

Unfortunately she wasn't able to finish it because it was too spicy for her. But she did finish her salad. Amanda and I finished the fish fillet for her, I think it's safe to say that we both enjoyed eating Trency's leftovers hahaha!

Since we've been drinking, we wanted to have some pulutan (bar chow). We ordered their Quesadillas, which was oh so good! We finished these in seconds. We didn't even give it a chance to actually go with our drink. We just DEVOURED it!

For dessert, Wingman has really cool stuff. They have Deep Fried Snickers Bar and Deep Fried Coca Cola. I was so intrigued I begged the girls to order one of the two.

We had the Deep Fried Snickers Bar. Sinfully good! Again, this was gone in minutes! It's actually a snickers bar inside this huge chunk of bread (?), served with vanilla ice cream! This really wowed us! Perfect with beer too! :)

The good part was as we drank, the flood waters started rising in an uncontrollable rate. I used to live near this area so I basically had an idea on how HIGH the waters can go. The cars were actually bobbing with the waves. It was scary!

It was funny because Trency and I had to go and withdraw! So we hailed a pedicab to take us all the way to Buendia where the ATMs are! Funny because somewhere along Malugay, our driver said we had a flat tire, but still he pushed on.

I really, just wanted to thank the owner, Eric, who was very gracious. He was entertaining and kept asking us if we were enjoying despite the sudden heavy downpour and the hassle it has created for our cars. Eric is also the boyfriend of fitness guru and fellow Scholastican, Reema Chanco.

Oh and besides Eric who entertained us, there was also this really sweet stray cat who we heard lived in The Collective. She was such a darling we couldn't help but fall in love with her (even dog lady Amanda couldn't help but give her a little hug)! We named her Amelia (as in Earhart) since we were at the Wingman.

Despite the rains, we all had a great time at The Wingman. Great food and great drinks! It was a really good way to end the week. I highly suggest you go to Wingman if you guys just want a chill place to hang out in. It's the best way to be with your barkada because it's just a quiet place, you can talk and laugh without having to shout at each other! Perfect! :)

And I will always, ALWAYS have a great time with the BFFs...Love you girls to bits!! :)

P.S. This has to be said about The Collective. Please be careful and weigh out the weather. Flood waters can get really high in this area, so if you're a bit OC with your car like me, don't even dare! The management of The Collective is a wee bit insensitive to their customers' needs. As the flood waters started rising they didn't really care if your car gets washed away, they wouldn't let cars in their really HUGE OPEN AREA inside which can fit about 5-8 cars. Super insensitive! Whoever gets to read this from THE COLLECTIVE management, please do something about this! You guys are doing a great job at turning off customers!

Wingman @ The Collective
Suite B, The Collective
7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Village
Makati City


  1. Sorry we missed it dude! The raining moment and all. Food looks good too :) Next time!

  2. Sayang talaga!!! It was really fun! And too bad also that you and Gladys won't be able to make to Pampanga as well...kayong 2 always MIA! *hmph* hahaha


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