Friday, January 28, 2011

UPDATED: A Sincere Appeal to Fellow Scholasticans

Since I have been promoting a concert for a university's cause, I think it is more than just right for me to blog about something closer to home.

As written in the picture above, she's Mrs. Evelyn Marasigan, a Filipino teacher from my Alma Mater St. Scholastica's College - Manila. No thanks to my rusty memory (I think I now have a memory of a goldfish), I can't really recall what year I had her as my Filipino teacher or if she even WAS my Filipino teacher.

But what I do recall was that she was one of them terror teachers in our school, and when it was time for her subject, you better behave or at least have read a good chunk of her reading assignments.

She had a really strong character, but was always so attached to her students. She was nanay (mommy) to her advisory class, but her momminess extended to those who weren't. Teaching was her life's passion and it showed big time. Her students looked forward to her classes and many years later have hung on to everything she has taught them. You could say she was one of the reasons why St. Scho was a second home to many students.

But then through my batchmate and now good blog buddy, Ana Gonzales, I found out Mrs. Marasigan got really sick. So sick she has to undergo an operation that costs P500,000 to save her life. Ana says that she needs this or else the next attack would be fatal.

Kudos to Ana and fellow batchmate Giselle Munoz they were able to collect P36,620 in just 2 days! They put up a Facebook page for the campaign to race P500K, and is doing a good job in letting all Kulasas in on the news.

So now I am appealing to all Kulasas (our fellow batchmates or older or younger) to please donate. Mrs. Marasigan was part of our lives, and I think it's high time we pay her back.

When we were all in St. Scho (whether forced or voluntary) we were always taught the value of giving back through our school drives and concerts for certain causes. We didn't know the recipients, but still we pushed on. But what more if you knew the recipient, and has personally touched your life, wouldn't you want to give?

Let's all help Gng. Marasigan get back her health! She may have retired from teaching, but let's help her get back her life which she has so dedicated to teaching and loving her kids.

For more information on Mrs. Marasigan's condition, please check out my high school batchmate and now blogger friend, Ana Gonzales' post Mrs. Marasigan's Race to 500! =)

Here's the link to the Facebook page, just please click on this: Mrs. Marasigan's Race to 500.

For those who wish to donate:
BPI Account
Evelyn Marasigan
Account No. 2779002023

Also to those who are abroad and wish to have money sent in via different couriers, here's Mrs. Marasigan's home address: 1801 Bauhinia Bldg., Tivoli garden Res. 69 Coronado St., Mandaluyong City

Once you've deposited, or sent the money, you can scan the deposit slip or whatever proof of your transaction, and post a picture on the Facebook page.



  1. Really hope marami pang Scholasticans would donate! Will donate this Monday!! :)


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