Thursday, January 13, 2011

Teaser: The Land of the Marcoses, Singsons, and Bagnet

Oh yes! Super excited! In a couple of hours my officemates-friends - Kim and Milds - are about to embark on a road trip. My photos are a dead giveaway, but still feel free to guess hahaha!

I love beach trips. I have a love affair with the sea! If I list my past blog entries here it'd take up SPACE hahaha. But the most recent was in the beautiful valley of Baler in the province of Aurora (read here and here).

This is actually my 3rd time to visit this province, yet I still look at it like I've never been there. There's still so much to see in this place! :) And I'm going with a new set of friends, so it's a whole new perspective to this trip! :)

So anyway here are photos of my last visit to this province. This was 2008 and I was with my college barkada - Steph and Par.

Also thinking of my FIRST GIVEAWAY. A souvenir perhaps? Who knows! Stay tuned for that!!:)

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