Friday, February 25, 2011

Communing with God and Nature @ Caleruega

Since it was Sunday, Mom and I had to go hear Mass. We asked the receptionist at Alfonso Hotel about the mass schedules and gave us two churches. But since Caleruega was nearer, we opted to go that very popular retreat place.

After our yummy breakfast and checking out, I drove for about 15 minutes to the place. A minimal entrance fee of P30 each was asked of us, and off we went to the Transfiguration Chapel.

Since it was a family day, the place was packed! Had a hard time taking pictures of the place WITH NO people in it. Here are some shots that I took.

Gotta love those rolling hills, it was so pretty! And the perfect blue hue of the sky complimented the greens. How can you not believe in God when you see perfection?

Ooohh and Mom kept taking photos of these "flowers" that looked like berries. Can anyone please tell me what this is? :)

It was such a lovely, lovely place. Their tagline, Close to nature. Closer to God. is really fitting. Caleruega also offers retreats for huge groups. Plus they also hold weddings here. Totally perfect since the place was beautiful and oozing with God's gifts.

Since Mom fell in love with place, she already expressed that she wanted to come back here and stay for a night. It's nice to sit around and just reflect, and restart a connection with God. I totally recommend Calereuga to those feeling lost, confused and heartbroken. It's a perfect place to talk to God, plus it's close to the city!

Directions on how to get to Caleruega: From Tagaytay City just go straight towards Nasugbu. A few meters away from the arch of Nasugbu, you'll see a gated community to your left called Everest. I think it has a hotel and restaurant. Just turn left and the guards will let you know how to get to Caleruega. FYI, the road going to Caleruega isn't smooth. I told Mom how ironic the drive was to get to Caleruega - the road to God isn't a smooth one. The road's got HUGE potholes, so just drive carefully.

Brgy. Kaylaway, Batulao
Nasugbu, Batangas
Tel. Nos. (043) 706-0348
Mobile Nos. (0921) 270-9890 and (0921) 830-4226
Look for Jackie, Melda or Roseanne


  1. Such perfection in nature...Those are some beautiful pictures.

  2. Thank you so much! :) Yes, it was beautiful here! Totally relaxing! :)


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