Friday, February 25, 2011

Lunch Buffet with a View to Boot at Taal Vista Hotel

After hearing Mass and walking around the beautiful and peaceful Caleruega, Mom and I got hungry. It was past lunchtime so we decided to go back to Tagaytay. After a traumatizing dinner at our hotel, Mom wanted something grand.

I remember Mom raving about Taal Vista Hotel's yummy kare-kare in their buffet. She wanted me to try it so off we went to the posh hotel which was brimming with hotel guests and families coming in for their famous lunch buffet.

There was a group performing traditional Filipino dances and it gave the dining hall a very festive mood. It was interactive, and they even had this foreigner dance the tinikling (a traditional Filipino dance where a girl and guy dancer cross over bamboo poles to a fast beat).

Their buffet table was only small and offered only a few dishes. Although they did have a salad bar, with this really cute OWL made of vegetables. Then of course the dessert bar, which offered halo-halo, fresh fruits, and assorted sweets.

Mom let me take first dibs on the buffet. I tried their Cream of Mushroom Soup which was THE BOMB (sorry no photo again, I was happily slurping on it already!)! So unlike the mushroom soup Mom had for dinner the night before. Yum-o!

For the main course I only had the beef kalderata which was really good. I especially loved this because it was SPICY, but not enough to burn your taste buds, just a bit of a twang. I also had their lechon, a favorite among Filipino delicacies. It was carved right in front of me, and it was still warm! Cholesterolific!

And lastly, I had the freshly made Ebi Tempura. It was just sad that the shrimps they used were thin and small.

Since Mom was more adventurous, she found more stuff on the buffet table than I did. Mom also had the beef kaldereta and the ebi tempura, but she was able to find seafood with tahong and shrimp. She also had a piece of chicken, which I found delish!

For dessert I fell in love with their mocha and chocolate cake. It wasn't too sweet and I had to stop myself because I was about to get another slice.

Since the dance group already left, we were entertained by this trio who walked around the tables singing requested songs. It was so cool because some of the guests started singing along with them. Fun!

Being in Tagaytay, it is a MUST to have your picture taken with the famous Taal Volcano. Good thing the volcano has stopped its volcanic activities, it was threatening to erupt late last year.

The day was really perfect with the sun high up in the sky and sky with a powder blue hue. And the sprawling lawns of the hotel was just to irresistible to shoot. The kids were having a grand time running around the grass, screaming, shouting, laughing, while playing tag.

It was a great bonding with Mom! It was the kind of trip we both needed, just relaxed and unhurried and most of all FAR from things that both give us headaches (ha!). Excited to have another trip with Mom soon! :)

Taal Vista Hotel
Km. 60, Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City, Cavite
Tel. Nos. (046) 413-1000 and (632) 886-4325


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing this dining experience. May I know what is the rate for a lunch buffet at Taal Vista Hotel?

    Thanks a lot,

    Karina from Davao

  2. Hi Karina! It's about 1800-2000 per person for the lunch buffet. And if you have a SM Advantage card, they give you a 10% discount. My Mom brought it with here when we ate here sowe were able to learn about that promo! :)

  3. is it on Cafe-on-the-Ridge of Taal Vista? I check their rate and they told me Php 668.00 for weekdays & Php 855.00 for weekend buffet dinner/lunch...if Php1,800-2000 per pax...parang Spiral na rin ng expensive...

    Thanks for the info



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