Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My (Chocolate) Fire Just Got Extinguished

"Di ko na ma-take!" (I can't take it anymore!) - Gonzalez, 2011

Let's just say that sums up our Chocolate Fire experience last Friday. Put up in Melbourne, Australia in 2006, the Philippine franchise opened last year to the delight of chocolate fanatics!

I was so psyched to eat here because I've been passing by this restaurant every day since our office is just 2 blocks down. So the curious foodie in me just had to let me try this restaurant, and together with the BFFs, it was time for a new foodie adventure.

Sticking true to its name the restaurant is indeed CHOCOLATE HEAVEN! Trency and I got there first and while in line to order (it implements a self-service rule) we were tempted by this huge cooler purveyor of all things chocolate-y!

Just look at those pretty things! This is every chocolate lovers wet dream! From mini, pop-in-your-mouth sizes, to slabs, to liquid, and to CAKES! It's chocolate in every form you could imagine!

But then again, I skipped the dinner part! Which unfortunately didn't meet our standards - the taste was just so-so, really small food portions, thus making it EXPENSIVE. Which also lead to Amanda blurt out that quote above. Here's what we ordered:

Trency ordered Turkey Sandwich.

It was actually good but it was small, and not much turkey in it. I'm amazed she only ordered this, it wouldn't even reach MY GUT! Super bitin!!

I had Penne in Bolognese sauce.

First bite, I already got disappointed. The penne noodles were TOUGH. Although it was a bit heavy and really filling, the sauce was on the umay side. Nothing special too, I've had better and cheaper bolognese!! Case in point, for lunch I ordered penne in bolognese and cheese sauce at Friss Point (a small carinderia at the building right beside Chocolate Fire) and it was sooo much better. It was so good I influenced my friend Elaine to have it for lunch. And I only paid P75 (USD2) for it! Annoying when a cheaper version gets to be much better than the expensive one!

When Mike and Amanda arrived they ordered this salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. I do not remember them finishing this.

Mike had Tortellini.

Asked for some dibs and it tasted like paper. The noodles looked like shells, but the cuteness factor didn’t amount to anything. It was just so blah!

I am saving Amanda’s meal for last. She ordered pasta in pesto sauce.
I tried it and it didn’t even taste like pesto, actually it didn’t taste anything at all. It was bland, and just way too plain. I remember Amanda asking the guys for salt to give it a bit of taste. And this is when she exclaimed the quote above. It was THAT BAD, she couldn’t take it anymore!

Since we had a meal that was really easy to forget, we decided to order something Chocolate Fire was actually known for – CHOCOLATE. And so we got the fondue.

With a P400 price tag (roughly around USD9), it was pretty good. It had strawberries and bananas, wafers, marshmallows, and nuts. We also had a choice of dark and milk chocolate. But it was just weird that it wasn’t continuously heated. Fondues usually have a candle at the bottom of the chocolates to keep them warm so they wouldn’t harden. But anyway, brushing that aside, we enjoyed this one!

With the fondue, I ordered their Café Latte. It was really good! Being a caffeine addict, I would be including Chocolate Fire’s Café Latte in my list of really good coffee. A must try for the coffee addicts out there!

Oh well, every eating session is a like learning a valuable life lesson. You have to get burned first before you think of doing it again. Chocolate Fire has been around since last year, but they still got A LOT OF UNAVAILABE STUFF. And those were the chocolate stuff, things that are supposed to make the restaurant click. It’s like they’re still on soft opening about a year later.

Plus they have really posh interiors, and from the outside Chocolate Fire looks like some snooty place, but then you have to fall in line and order. Can’t they make up their minds? Do they wanna be snooty or not?

Good thing their staff (although the girl at the counter was a bit slow hence holding up the line) was really cool! They actually saved our short and disappointing stay at Chocolate Fire.

Chocolate Fire
G/F PDCP Building Leviste cor. Rufino Streets,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel. No. 840-3473
Mobile No. (0920) 605-8692

Website: http://www.chocolatefire.com


  1. If they can't serve good food other than anything chocolate, then they better stick to just chocolate. It's really infuriating when that happens to me.

    Looks like your office is just close to mine ;)

  2. Exactly!! Plus they're not exactly CHEAP that's why it was really, really ANNOYING! X_X

    Cool! We're along Tordesillas St. lang...hope to meet you around Salcedo Village!! :) Food trip one time? :))


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