Monday, April 11, 2011

Ayala Triangle Gardens Edition 3: KANIN CLUB

It's another Ayala Triangle Gardens edition! And this time, we hit up the old place for my kabarkada's 25th birthday! Although belated, he still pushed through with his lunch treat, which he promised he'd some time AFTER his birthday.

So Elaine (blockmate in La Salle turned friend in the office) and I trooped over to Kanin Club. I was excited because it was my first time to eat here! I've heard how cool and unique Kanin Club's food concepts are, so I was thrilled to have some for myself.

When we got there RJ had already ordered stuff. We ordered their crispy liempo which served us our appetizer as we sat waiting for the rest of the orders to arrive.

It was really good, and they kept true to their word: it was really crispy! And what's good about this was that it wasn't oily. It was so cool hearing the crunching sounds it would make as we gnawed at it.

Up next, we had their pinaputok na pla-pla. Very similar to what we ate in Abe and Lorenzo's Way.

Although the fish was a bit skinny, there wasn't that much meat in there, whatever we scraped out of that fish was totally awesome! They were also able to make the fish skin crispy. The chef must be congratulated! :)

First time to eat this, and both Elaine and RJ ordered this: CRISPY DINUGUAN.

Coming from an Ilocano family dinuguan has been a staple in our meals every since I was a kid. To foreign readers, dinuguan literally means from BLOOD, pig's blood specifically. It was a favorite of mine up until my taste buds started protesting and declaring it malansa. I was a bit hesitant to try this because of that, but I was glad I got the courage to get a spoonful of it in my mouth. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! It had a vinegar-y taste to it, so you wouldn't know it was dinuguan, no malansa taste for this bloody dish. Plus the crispiness was a new factor so we really enjoyed this dish!

But the star of the show was of course the kanin, or rice. Their rice concepts were so cool. Elaine and RJ ordered the sinigang rice.

I was amazed by how it looked. I was thinking they had sinigang broth with the rice swimming around it. It was dry, but let me tell you, when you pop that thing in your mouth and start chewing, you'd actually taste the sinigang broth. So cool! You also get the vegetables and meat you'd see in a typical pork sinigang meal.

Kudos to the people behind Kanin Club! Totally unique concept especially with the rice! The rice can be a meal itself! And you guys sure know how to tug at a typical Filipino's stomach. We're such a huge bunch of rice eaters and these concepts give such a fresh breathe to the usual white or brown rice. TWO-THUMBS UP! :D

Kanin Club
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Tel. No. 621-6109
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Mon-Sun
Website: Kanin Club - Ayala Triangle Gardens

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  1. Okay yung Crispy Dinuguan no? Nagulat nga kami sa serving nung kumain kami one time sa KC.:)

  2. Hi Dani! Super SARAP talaga nung Crispy Dinuguan!!! Kakakain lang naman ngayong lunch time dito ulit hahaha ang sarap ng kare-kare, bangus escabeche, tinola, at pinakbet!! :D too bad lang na Friday hindi kami makakain nung isa ko pang friend ng karne! :p

    Next time na kumain kayo ulit sa Kanin Club you should also try yung Turon Ala Mode nila tas padagdag kayo ng isa pang ice cream scoop! ANG SARAPPPP!!! :D


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