Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Food Trip: Legaspi and Salcedo Weekend Markets

I am not a big fan of markets AND waking up early to go to the market. It's my Mom's frustration for me to start learning the ways. But thanks to these cool concepts, your market-ing can be really fun and really sosyal. Makes waking up early totally worth it!

I've been delaying my posts on these two popular early morning weekend markets, but after a so-so visit to Mercato Centrale with 2 friends last week, I think it deserves a good blog entry.

The Salcedo weekend market happens every Saturday morning at the Jaime Velasquez car park. As early as 6am 'til 2pm the weekend market serves a variety of stuff - from fresh produce, flowers, plants, organic stuff, to ready-to-eat-FOOD! It's the place where your vendors are either foreigners or girls who speak in straight English. It's almost funny! And the folks who live in the condos around Salcedo Village troop down to the park to buy their stuff.

Mom and I love the barbecue stall, Mang Ineng's. Since we have to leave our house early, we have our power breakfast here. Sometimes the food choosing in this place can drive you insane. There's so much food! Anyway here are some snap shots I took from the Salcedo Weekend Market.

This is going to be the only place in the Metrowhere eating dirty ice cream would actually LOOK COOL! :p

Last year, Mom burned her forearm because of this. They make small pancake-like stuff here, haven't gotten the chance to taste it. But it brings bad memories for Mom haha!

I really love this French guy! He makes really good crepes, too! :D

Then on Sunday mornings, it's time for the Legaspi Weekend Market. Also in a carpark right beside the Legaspi Active Park, it's just like the one at Salcedo. But before there used to be fewer concessionaires. But I've noticed that this year, there are more who offer other products.

The Legaspi market also has a wide variety of food to choose from, although compared to the Salcedo market, this one has more concessionaires who sell other trinkets such as paintings, dresses, furniture, organic stuff, shoes, and bags. It's a bit more diverse, but of course they also have the fresh produce.

But food trippin' is actually fun-ner here. They already have Chef Laudico's BFast and Pampanga's renowned, Everybody's Cafe here. Then you also have the good ole barbecue stalls and other home-cooked meals. You just have to patiently go around, twice or thrice, to pinpoint that one thing you want to have.

So here are some photos I took of the Legaspi Weekend Market!

I've noticed huge families and groups of friends come here to eat and just hang out. It's actually really fun, if you don't mind the heat. In Salcedo, I see a lot of call center people coming down to have breakfast. It's that much of a hit! So if you want to hit the MARKET IN STYLE, I totally suggest you come and check this place out. It'll give a new twist to your usual, boring trip to the market. Then again, don't be too shocked with the difference in prices. It is more cheaper in Nepa-Q Mart or something, but at least your feet won't get dirty (hehe)!


  1. What a busy market. Would love to try the crepes!

  2. The Salcedo and Legazpi markets are love! Also try Banchetto in Ortigas and Mercato Centrale in Fort. :)

  3. Gay: Super busy! Lalo na Salcedo market in the early morning! The crepes are good plus the guy who does them has personality hahaha :p

    @Peter: I've recently tried Mercato however I was a bit disappointed with them. But I have yet to try Banchetto I've heard great things about it! Thanks for the advice! :))


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