Monday, May 9, 2011

To My Mother

This may not be her best picture, hehe, but it's the only photo I have of her as of this writing! :p

It's a day after Mother's Day, and I just wanted to pay a little tribute to my Mom. In an entry last year, I treated Mom to a FOTHER's DAY dinner and said that there's a little story to that part. It wasn't a typo error on my part, but really, my Mom is both my dad and my mom. Nope I didn't lose a dad at a young age, nor am I Mom's love child.


A lot of my friends know about this and I am not embarrassed. Mom told me about my being adopted when I was around 5 or 6 years old in an aunt's beach house in Batangas. Being chosen is the first blessing I have ever received in my life. Mom gave me a chance at a better life the moment she took me in as her daughter. I may not come from her womb, but I may as well have. She would tell me stories of how she gave up A LOT when she adopted me, like how she used to go on trips on short notice in her past job and buying expensive stuff. It was a big leap for her, and yes, she was honest enough to tell me that she didn't really have plans on becoming a mother. But she did, and it's every reason why I am indebted to her until the day I breathe my last.

Whatever I am right now is because of her. I was able to go to good schools, travel, have most of my whims, because she burns the night oil every single night. The whole world is asleep but there she is typing away on her computer. Being a single mother is no joke, and she's doing such a great job. In a typical/ideal world where both mom and the dad raise kids, Mom did everything all by herself. She never complained and she never gave up.

I know that there have been lots of times I've disappointed her, but she made sure I learned from all those mistakes. And she never left my side. Sure she'd say things that sometimes I don't want to hear, but yes they are true and they are the only things a mother could tell her child. Now that I'm older and wiser, I am trying as much as I could do please her and repay her in my own way.

I wrote in my Facebook status yesterday, "Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful Mother who single-handedly raised me and gave me a chance at a better life when she CHOSE me to be her daughter. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!:))".

My cousins all agree, my friends agree, and I AGREE.

She's my hero, and I love her. :)

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