Monday, May 9, 2011

Slurping Goodness @ Ramen Bar

Two Fridays ago, on the day Prince William and Kate Middleton got hitched, Mom and I went to Eastwood for lunch. I was down with horrible colds and cough (which made me miss an awesome Mt. Pinatubo trek with Kim), so I really craved for something hot. Finally, I had an excuse to go eat at the Ramen Bar, which a lot of people raved about.

I've been reading Cecile van Straten's Chuvaness for quite some time and have been enlightened on everything Japanese because of it. The moment I stepped inside, I thought how very MUJI of the Ramen Bar (see Cecile's MUJI entry here). It just made the entire restaurant, it being small, look so vibrant! Plus the anime drawings on the wall are really cute.

Of course we came here for the ramen, and I ordered SPICY KARAAGE RAMEN.

I wanted my ramen to be spicy to help ease the nasal blockage. It helped a lot, I might say. It was really good, the spicy oil gave it a good kick without damaging your taste buds! Generous servings of both noodles and karaage (bonesless chicken), too. People who LOVE spicy would be totally diggin' this!

Mom on the other hand got the SAPPORO MISO RAMEN.

She just had the butter and cream removed from this dish. Had a little taste of it, and it was good, though I wouldn't order since I'm not a huge fan of miso soup. Mom on the other hand, has this addiction to miso soup, and went as far as buying packs and packs of it from the Japanese grocery store. Like my ramen, they were also very generous with their servings.

But this was the absolute winner KAKUNI BUNS.

They're siopao buns with either pork or fish inside, but instead of the huge bun, they're cut up in small pieces. Perfect for pika-pika! We went for the fish, and it was love at first bite! We were given this mayonnaise type of dip, and it just gave it extra flavor! Mom and I had two each, and even if we were so full from the our ramen, we inhaled this. Super good! Don't go to the Ramen Bar without getting these, you won't be sorry!

Suffice to say this may be the closest I could get to having authentic Japanese ramen! Sorry to my favorite Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ramen, but Ramen Bar emerges as the winner (haha!). I'd love to try their other big bowls, they've got other unique stuff that look really enticing.

Eastwood Mall
Ground Level, Eastwood Mall
Eastwood Ave. & Orchard Road, Bagumbayan
Quezon City
Tel. No. 570-9457

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