Monday, June 13, 2011

Can Y'all Handle An EPIC MEAL TIME?

I'm watching the Dallas-Miami game as I write this so I'm a bit distracted hahaha GO MAVS!! LOVE YOU DIRK AND TYSON CHANDLER!!! :)

Anyway, my officemates David and Josh have been talking about this non-stop. They kept quoting lines from this Youtube sensation. I remember David let us watch our first episode, and I remember it was a bunch of girls eating mac and cheese with burgers inside. Inasmuch as it was disgusting, it was actually fun to watch them mix these RIDICULOUS ingredients all-together to make one hell of an EPIC MEAL TIME!!

Every Tuesday, the guys of Epic Meal Time upload a video on Youtube. Harley Morenstein, co-creator, acts as host. He co-created the show together with Sterling Toth who acts as their cameraman. Also popular is Alex Perrault, a personal trainer, who is known in the show as "Muscles Glasses".

As of now I've watched only a handful of shows, it's a joy to watch because it's bordering on disgusting but at the same time it's something I'd like to try. I actually want to get on a food trip with these guys!

So far, I've watched the EPIC EGGROLL which has Chicken Fried Rice, Cantonese Style Chow Mein, General Tao Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice, and Hunan Dumplings all packed inside a custom eggroll mix. It packs on a whopping 6,378 calories. This is by far my favorite episode, and something I'd most likely eat hehehe!

I also got to watch PROTEIN BAR, where they featured a Seahorse Protein Sandwich (9,763 kcal), 2 Happy Meal Bacon Protein Smoothies (10,500 kcal) and Protein Bar (29,173 kcal) dripping in chocolate.

They also have THE BLACK LEGEND, where they mixed in EVERYTHING SWEET (candies, McFlurry, Chips Ahoy) inside a chocolate wrap. And they asked GIRLS to eat it. The total calorie count was at 19,177.

Oh and these guy LOVE JACK DANIELS AND BACON!!!! Josh and David said these guys took a shot of Jack Daniels mixed with bacon fat. Haven't gotten to watching it, but I think it's fun.

Watch these guys on Youtube, just look for Epic Meal Time, and you're good to go. They have a lot more episodes, so maybe you guys can get around to watching everything. It's actually fun to watch. The mixing of the ingredients is the best part. Plus Harley's narration IS THE BEST!!

So...can you foodies handle this or not? :p

Here are the links:
Epic Meal Time Official Website
Epic Meal Time - Youtube
Epic Meal Time - Twitter

P.S. Oh and to all DALLAS MAVERICKS fans out there. It's OUR TIME!!!!!! :)) GO MAVS!!! :D

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