Monday, June 13, 2011

Nobody Almost Always Looks Up.... see what's up in the sky. I've watched way too many CSI episodes to know that a lot of them miss vital evidence/clues because they don't LOOK UP.

But here in the hustle and bustle of city life, either people are just too busy, too pissed off at the traffic jam or simply too blase for stuff. But not me. One of the best things in living high up in the mountains of Rizal is that going to work, you obviously have to go down from the mountain making you see the horizon. And today while driving off to work, as soon as I turned right on Ortigas Avenue Ext from our village, I saw A RAINBOW.

This is the 2nd time I've seen a rainbow over at Ortigas Avenue Ext. whilst battling really awful traffic jam with light rains. It was raining in the Rizal area this morning, but the sun still managed to sneak out from behind the dark, rain clouds. For me it was perfect irony - dark clouds, awful weather, bad traffic jam but out there in the distance is something precious. A once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence. I knew it was going to be a good sign, perhaps a good week or month coming up ahead.

It's cool because this is like the 2nd rainbow I've seen in 2 months. The first rainbow I saw this year was during my BFF Trency and mine's trip to Cebu (see photo below). We went to the town of Madridejos to watch the sunset, but I think God wanted to make that 30-minute habal-habal ride worth it by giving us not one, but two of his beautiful handy works! :)

It's such a spirit-lifter, don't you think? A rainbow is just there for a little while, but the emotions that stay with you after last several days, or you know deep inside you that you'll never forget that certain feeling you felt while you stood there marveling at that wonderful sight.

I remember the first time I saw that rainbow over an overcast sky some 9 months ago (photo of it below), my Mom and I were having some trouble. I'm not one who writes emo blogs, it gave me hope that there will be good days after. Nothing lasts forever, and problems just maybe the first ones to go.

And this rainbow I saw this morning, it gave me the strength to push forward. Had a talk with the Mother just this Saturday, and it got me thinking a lot about myself. I still see myself as free-spirited, enjoying life, and just taking things as is. But I'm sure as hell 100% sure that I am not taking things lying down because I don't want to disappoint her when I stop something I already started. I got work and I'm taking my masters degree. Sure I whine a lot, I'm not Hercules nor God, but I'm trying to make something for myself in the future. And with that talk I had with my Mom, I want to change a certain perception she has of me. And that rainbow, I took it as a sign that I should not lose any hope, that I should strive harder, that I would finish my masters degree. After all, before it helping my cause, it's all for my Mom first anyways! :)

So what about you guys? Do you guys have anything you see that inspires you the moment you see it? Share it with me! :)


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  2. @rent a bus: Thank you so much!! And thanks also for the visiting the blog :))

  3. Inspiring thoughts you got there. In all the haste of daily city life, it's awe inspiring to see something like a rainbow...

    You're from Rizal? I'm ashamed at my own ignorance of Philippine geography and I have two virtual co-workers there and I just learned from them that Rizal is a nice place to be in. Not too congested and still has some mark of nature

  4. @caustic: Hi! Hahaha rainbows are really cool! Yep from Cainta. It's actually ok to live there cos it's high up and u get to see the city lights. But the traffic is really, really HORRIBLE!!


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