Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Had 5 Colorful Visitors At The Office This AM

This morning we had a very colorful and sweet surprise: 5 M&M's raided our office! Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, and Red - all of them vying for the title of the MOST POPULAR! Ain’t it cute? And apparently our office isn’t the first they’ve visited. They’ve gone to other offices here in Makati, and even in the Ortigas area to promote their Vote & Win contest.

My officemates and I crowded around them like they were celebrities. It surely brought out the child in all of us. We were all giggling and smiling. It was fun! Here are our funny pictures :)

Right now, I'm biased for ORANGE since it's my favorite color. But since the Orange dude felt up my friend, me no likey anymore! Hahaha maniac Orange dude! So I'd go for YELLOW since he's the coolest among the bunch anyways! :p

But thank you so much M&M’s for visiting our office! It made a slow day at work really awesome! :)

And for details of the M&M's Vote and Win contest, just click on the flyers below, or check out M&M's official website here.

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